07/14/22 | Rachel

No urine smell at all

I have 1 cat and 1 large tray filled about 5cm deep with catsan hygiene I haven’t had to change or add to it in 4 weeks I remove poos asap but the urine is left and there is no smell yet. I will definitely buy this again
06/19/22 | Akvile


I bought this one to try as an alternative, but unlike with Catsan clumping litter, the whole room stinks of cat urine with this litter! It doesn't absorb any of the smell, and because it's not clumping I can't easily remove the used litter and leave the rest of the unused litter. Definitely wouldn't buy it again.


We've gone from Worlds Best to this due to our boy being very ill and developing an aversion to the tray. Took time to get accustomed but we now love it. Use scoop to prevent dust Use plenty of litter to absorb urine else the tray will smell and be hard to clean but if you use a good amount it will prevent that totally. Our half Maincoon does big wees and we have no problem.
01/21/22 | Annmarie Chesworth

quick delivery

recieved with thanks quick delivery will order in the future

Always use this stuff

10/10 always use this and spots smell and easy to clean
12/11/21 | Dawn Beatson-NJie

Covers the odours really well

the best cat litter, good size for paws, look nice as white, covers odours really well
11/20/21 | Wiktoria

Happy Cat

This is my cats fav litter. Abby loves it. Doesn’t smell, no paw prints on the floor. Last up to 1 week.

stinks and traces white paw prints EVERYWHERE

my cat likes this litter as she likes to dig, but after a week it start stinking. I pick up the poops multiple times a day and shovel it around the box for freshness, even tried airing it out outside but the stink doesn't go away. it wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't so expensive but this can in no way last a month. not to mention it's very dusty and there's white paw tracks everywhere after use, I have to wipe her feet and the floor/furniture with wet wipes. not worth it for that price
09/29/21 | Denise

Bad smell

I thought catsan was supposed to absorb I changed cat litter yesterday and after being used a couple of times by my cat the room stinks of urine catsan used to be very good but recently its as bad as the cheaper cat litters
09/14/21 | Nick

Cat likes but needs changing

Four days of use only for this one.
09/10/21 | Angela Beaumont

Smells so bad

This makes your whole home smell. The litter needs changing a lot as it always looks and smells bad when used (smells awful) Dusty and messy even with a top loading litter box. Urine sticks to the bottom of the litter box. Nothing at all good to say about this litter
08/14/21 | helen sluman

used for years

best on the market for indoor cats
07/02/21 | Bernadett

Not recommended

Our boy tried a few different litters before finding the one That’s good enough. Unfortunately this one is the worst out of all. Not smell absorbing, very dusty and the whole litter needed changing after one use because it smellt and looked dirty - even after trying to clean it/get rid of the “bits”. I think we used it about a week That’s How long the big bag of litter lasted. I’m sorry this wasn’t a win for us
05/26/21 | Ian

The BEST a cat can GET!!

Ordered this on Sunday arrived on Tuesday. INCREDIBLE VALUE. No lugging from the shop. A supermarket would charge for the item plus carriage plus transport. Catsan lasts because it dispells odours. Extremely pleased with Zooplus and will order again and again. Thank you.
04/07/21 | Tziliola Zikou

Increased price!!

Two weeks was 9.99£ and now is 10,79£ The price us similar to local markets now!!

Smells like death!

Just don't bother. Stinks and all the pee goes to the bottom as stated in other reviews. Really dusty which is really bad and just generally pointless product.
03/18/21 | Rachel Barnett

The best on the market

This is by far the very best cat litter on the market! Changing is a breeze which is what makes it hygienic. No horrible clay clumping, NO need to wash out the litter tray every single time you change. Only downside is it is expensive. But I would still rather pay more as the quality is superb and my Bengal prefers it.
02/07/21 | Morag Mackenzie

Decent litter, decent price

I mix this with cheap supermarket litter and my cats are me are very happy with it, keeps odour down.People complaining when the bag size changed need to calm down. Zooplus aren't emptying and re-bagging it to make a few extra pence! Obviously Catsan decided to change the size and the price.Glad to see the 20l size bag again though as this fits the container I use better. Those shouting about getting it cheaper should say where; my search only found one outlet at the SAME price, none better...

great cat litter

much better than others we have used
01/20/21 | George

Great for my large Ragdoll cat

Great litter , keep the smell in the litter box (I use it in a covered large box)

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