06/22/22 | Natalie

Removes their undercoat - avoid

I have a medium fur length cat does remove a huge amount of fur - too much. It’s also very clear that it removes the soft undercoat they use to regulate their body temperature. I used this properly once and only once, it took weeks for her fur to grow back healthily. I use a cheap little paddle brush now once a week paired with anti hairball food and she loves the attention of being groomed like a little princess!

10/22/21 | Imogen

They love it!

Enjoyment to the point that when I thought I’d finished Furminating, my older boy kept nudging my hands for more Furmination! So much purring and so much fur removal!

04/15/21 | bambinobambino

This is a razor, not a comb

This is a harsh and quite uncomfortable experience for my (short haired) cats who otherwise enjoy being groomed. This doesn't comb out loose fur - it drags and cuts off attached fur, giving the cat a haphazard haircut. What's worse is it cuts off mostly undercoat, reducing the cat's ability to thermoregulate. Can't understand its popularity. Might be okay for long haired, badly matted cats. Otherwise, don't waste your money.


Good but.....

I bought the short hair version and the long hair version as I have a rag doll and BSH. However the only difference is the colour of the eject button. So my advice is - good product but if you have different breeds you don't need to buy the different products as they are the same!!

04/12/20 | Maureen

Furminator Deshedding Tool Large short Hair Cuts for cat

This excellent Furminator deshedding tool purchased some months back is very much appreciated as it helps to reduce the amount of hair that would otherwise get ingested and cause hairballs.Our boy loves his coat combed whatever the weather but is showing signs of loving it more now weather is warming up.I recommend buying this helpful grooming tool.

08/09/19 | Sarah

Amazing product

This arrived last night, first time using it on my girls and they loved it! One of my girls isn't too keen on being brushed but she happily sat still for a short while and the amount of hair this removes is insanely good! They were so relaxed after and their coats were gleaming. Sure it shall help reduce the amount of hairballs as well

08/05/19 | Vikki


So glad I read the reviews! This brush is life changing! The fur that comes off my cats is unbelievable! Highly recommended!

01/20/19 | Myrto


Love, love, love it! For the first time in five years my cat sat in my lap and actually let me brush his fur, purring all the time! Got a good amount of hair too!


This is the cats whiskers!

Bought this tool upon recommendation from my niece in the USA. Yes, it is more expensive than other brushes but then it does exactly what is says! It eliminates fur!! My two young cats both let me brush them with the new brush, despite the struggles with other brushes, and are looking sleek. I chose the larger brush as they are both big lads and it's perfect.

02/11/17 | Sharon

FURminator - 6yrs worth of fluff in one go !

My cat likes being brushed, but only quickly & easily resorts in biting. I looked at the FURminator & thought she would not like it, but she is a Russian Blue cross & seems to have a lot of fluffy hair as a second coat & suffered with hairballs. However due to this problem I thought it was worth a try, her first brush resulted in a huge ball of hair, 6yrs worth of fluff ! She still will bite when being brushed, but does like it & it has stopped the hairballs. Definitely with the risk of injury !

02/08/17 | CaroleW

Great Value

This tool is wonderful ! It gets right down to the skin and removes much more hair than my very old one does. The cats love it too, especially Ebony who suffers quite a lot from hairballs.

12/30/15 | Crazy cat lady

Great product

I have 4short haired cats and this comb is amazing removes lots of hair and the cats seem to like it. The cats coats have improved very sleek and shiny and it must be better for them not digesting all that fur happy cats happy owner. delivery was super quick ordered it on 27th of December arrived the 29th.

11/26/15 | Laura

Bold patches

I am going to give up using this brush. It turns out it is too hursh. I just realised my cat is left with bold ( and most likely painful) patches. I was initially pleased to see so much hair coming off my cat. She was not happy and growling but I carried on until I realised why she was so upset....

11/08/15 | nta16

Very good

It does the job of removing the hairs on our (short hair) cat very well so is 5 stars for that but it does need two hands to remove those hairs from the brush despite its release button so that leaves the cat free to roam off at each emptying unless you have a glamorous assistant to help you (or your cat decides to remain). It is possibly a little expensive but that is subjective.

07/31/15 | Chris & Eve

Video Review

We love this product as not only has it saved our house form a lot of furry mess, but also improves the health of our cat by reducing the hair balls and vomitting. Noticable difference. We reviewed this product on our youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/asFGpxx67KQ


Worth the money!

I wish I bought this sooner. It first came to my attention a few months ago and I was impressed with the reviews but couldn't justify spending the money on it. Recently the cats been shedding a lot and my husband been losing patience with the white cat hair all over his black work uniform so I decided it's worth the money if it stops him complaining 😁. So far I've only used it once on my cat but I'm totally impressed already. Couldn't believe the amount of hair it removed and his coat looks amazing!

05/03/15 | Lorna


I was a bit dubious about spending this amount on a brush but can't recommend this highly enough. I have 2 cats that shed so much hair i couldn't hoover up enough but this little magic brush gets huge piles of fur out in a matter of minutes and the cats love it!

05/03/15 | CharLady


I have used this product on Yogi and although he doesn't enjoy it works very well!! It is very good for his tail too! I have found since I have been using it he hairballs less and there is less fur everywhere!

02/04/15 | Sarah

If you have a Maine Coon or impatient cat. Dont bother

I'll begin by saying it gets a 5* because it does what it says it can do... removes alot of fur. BUT.....If you have a Maine Coon, semi/long haired or young cat like I do I would'nt bother wasting your money. This products head is so small and so the surface area you a combing is so minimal you will spend half a day getting through a long/thick haired cat... Do young cats really have the patience to let you brush them for 2-3 hours?!! In the case of my Maine Coon, the answer is NO. He barely lets me get the brush/comb into his furr for 2 minutes let alone enough time to groom him sufficiently! He doesnt like the way it looks and he eventually starts to attack it, and personally I dont blame him. Its very heavy and the metal head is quite sharp, so if hes moving around alot you need to be careful you dont wack him in the face! I've tried introducing it to him slowly and always stopping when hes had enough thinking he would eventually realise its not all bad, but after weeks of doing this still no luck.. and in the meantime of wasting all these weeks trying to introduce a BRUSH he's still coughing up hairballs and his coat is overgrowing. I would say even with a short haired cat there are bigger/more efficient brushes. Unless you have a cat who is prepared to be brushed by this tiny headed comb for awhile!


Do not believe the hype

After reading the reviews I expected great things from this tool. Sadly I get better results with a roll of tape, it takes no more hair out than a regular paddle brush, my cats are still leaving hair in their path and they don't seem to like being brushed with it very much, it feels like it's quite rough on their skin. It's a well built product, but it doesn't live up to it's promises.

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