Great product!

I use this for my 2 male rabbits who were on water bottles in their previous homes. I knew that a water bowl would be better and with this I know they have enough to last all day. Would only recommend for water though not dry biscuits

06/27/20 | Alex

Great for water

I bought this as my cat did not seem to drink enough water from bowls and always made a mess when he did. I was unsure of how this would work, is at all, given the price. However, I am pleasantly surprised, he's drinking a lot more now and doesn't seem to have any issues with it. Have not used for food so don't know how well it works at despensing dry food but for water, it works great!

08/19/14 | monocentaurus@interia.pl

good value

perfect as water dispenser, not so perfect as food dispenser. Food does get stuck, so doesn't really do the job. I would still recommend it.

07/10/14 | Emma

Trixie dispenser

Good value for money, sometimes needs tilting too refil. However OK for the price.

09/07/12 | Dee

Perfectly adequate for a little sipper

As long as you have the 'long end' of the reservoir in the right position this is perfectly adeqate for providing fresh water. Mine fits quite snugly so there's a small trickle effect which is fine. A quick jiggle or twist releases more if needed.

05/24/11 | P Shrubb

Almost perfect!

Bought this for "our" second cat (comes in from next door...). The only niggles are that when I've used it for dry food I have to give it a bit of a shake or tap to get it to flow out of the main part,, and I find it a bit hard to not spill the water when I put filled container onto the base again.

01/22/11 | Lesley Jennings

Cat Food Dispenser

I found this to work quite well, except that the biscuits do tend to get stuck inside sometimes, however, my cat soon lets me know loudly if that happens. The top does seem to come off too easily though, resulting in a whole fill of food all over the floor, but a couple of thick elastic bands do the trick of holding it on. Overall a good buy.

11/03/10 | Andy

How to fill em up

Hi all, we bought one of these for our kitten the filling upside down and turning over technique means that the top has some empty space, however there is still more than enough for a couple of days without refilling. If you are going away for longer and want to utilise the full capacity, fill the sink with water and fill the tub and turn it over under water. You will have a full tub that will provide a weeks water for our little kitten, great product for the price


its all about physics

There IS no opening on the top which, i've discovered, is due to physics & water. A top opening would let air through & the water level in the container would never be higher than the level in the bowl defeating the object of having a feeder of this kind. This does not apply to food. I have the purpose built one for food only which CAN be re-filled from the top. Once the physics is clear it is a simple but sturdy product. The container separates easily from the bowl & its easy to clean.

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