09/26/18 | Ali Wilkinson

Not the best

Got it on offer, i thought it was bigger than it is, it's not huge; but that wasn't a problem; I'd bought 2 and for water anyway. Filled up. the cat still drank from the tap. Filled the other one up and placed upstairs. The cat looked at it, sniffed it, and drank from the tap. I've now put a different double bowl upstairs with water in, which they empty in a couple of days. They clearly prefer that. Part of the problem with this I think is the 'bowl' is so small; so their whiskers touch the side


it wastes dry food - not impressed

it is very flimsy and topples at the merest touch. I have wasted a fair bit of dry food because if my cats head touches the cup at all it falls to the side! usually going in the water fountain! I do not recommend as there is no way to clip the cup to the base securely.

08/26/10 | Cecilia


I bought these as they seemed to have a lid on the top for easy filling and after reading the positive reviews.However the tops are not removable lids and it is difficult to refill without messing everywhere plus the fact that you have to refill upside down and then turn them upright makes most of the contents pour into the trays (which is meant to happen) but it leaves the main container almost empty making the product a waste of time. If the tops had removable lids for easy filling then they would be worthwhile. They go to all the trouble of putting the tops there in the first place, why could they not have made them removable.

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