Essential purchase

I bought 2 of these for my cat, one for water and another for dry food. I've not tried it with dry food yet but absolutely brilliant to provide him with additional water (he's very fluffy so his face absorbs a LOT of water when he drinks!), so this makes sure he has easy access to lots of water and it's super cheap too. Highly recommend.


Surprisingly good

This was smaller than I'd hoped. Tried it with dry food, it doesn't always come down properly but cats learned to paw at it to get extra in the bowl. Tried it with water just to see how well it worked. Surprisingly the cats LOVED it. The expensive cat fountain is now ignored in favour of the little water dispenser. So for the price it's definitely recommend anyone to give it a try, I will be getting a few more.

12/23/20 | Margaret Broughton

brilliant for my cat

i bought 2 of these for my kitten . i put one in the conservatory with his food and one in another room which he drinks plenty from .i actually i have read a few posts that cats drink more if water supply is away from their food and this actually seems to be the case with my kitten .he drinks plenty and its easy to use and clean .i will be buying another 2 as im getting another kitten very shortly .

10/10/20 | Jo

Not for my cats

My cat never want drink from that. Cheap and poor.


Great product!

I use this for my 2 male rabbits who were on water bottles in their previous homes. I knew that a water bowl would be better and with this I know they have enough to last all day. Would only recommend for water though not dry biscuits

06/27/20 | Alex

Great for water

I bought this as my cat did not seem to drink enough water from bowls and always made a mess when he did. I was unsure of how this would work, is at all, given the price. However, I am pleasantly surprised, he's drinking a lot more now and doesn't seem to have any issues with it. Have not used for food so don't know how well it works at despensing dry food but for water, it works great!

05/29/20 | Jodie

Smaller than I expected

I fell into the trap of not reading the reviews because it was such a good deal and the pictures made it look like the product was quite big but it is much smaller so I would not recommend for anything larger than a cat.

09/02/19 | Olivia

Good, but not great.

I bought two of these for my four cats so that while I was at work they’d have dry food, however when I returned home after having been out for 11 hours I realised the dispenser doesn’t actually refill the biscuits and they get stuck so you have to shake it, luckily my cats dig to the back of it to get biscuits out when they want but it’s still not as convenient as I had wanted it to be, however I do think for the £1.99 I paid for it, it’s okay.

07/08/19 | Gina


Used it for water they knocked it over so tried for food the same, also way too small. Glad I didn’t pay for it

09/26/18 | Ali Wilkinson

Not the best

Got it on offer, i thought it was bigger than it is, it's not huge; but that wasn't a problem; I'd bought 2 and for water anyway. Filled up. the cat still drank from the tap. Filled the other one up and placed upstairs. The cat looked at it, sniffed it, and drank from the tap. I've now put a different double bowl upstairs with water in, which they empty in a couple of days. They clearly prefer that. Part of the problem with this I think is the 'bowl' is so small; so their whiskers touch the side

08/17/17 | Rita


The food does not come out when the bowl is empty, you have to shake the cup, pointless really if you want to leave your cats overnight!


it wastes dry food - not impressed

it is very flimsy and topples at the merest touch. I have wasted a fair bit of dry food because if my cats head touches the cup at all it falls to the side! usually going in the water fountain! I do not recommend as there is no way to clip the cup to the base securely.

10/25/16 | Julie

Absolutely Brillient... Until the Cat learns to open it...

Yes that's right, by 5 month old kitten thinks the best thing in the world is to knock the top off and have water gush all over the floor!!! Until then I had two and thought they were absolutely brilliant... but the don't lock into place and a smart cat can knock it off easily!

10/30/15 | Gemma

ok for price

The food didn't refill without being shaken so was left empty, my cat would just push the food compartment off either intentionally or while eating and create a huge mess! Food everywhere... Maybe better for different animals but the parts could do with being screwed together

03/08/15 | Sahira

good product

This is a good product does the job you need it to do, I ordered two one for water and one for dry food.

08/19/14 | monocentaurus@interia.pl

good value

perfect as water dispenser, not so perfect as food dispenser. Food does get stuck, so doesn't really do the job. I would still recommend it.

07/10/14 | Emma

Trixie dispenser

Good value for money, sometimes needs tilting too refil. However OK for the price.

06/19/14 | sam


fab price and easy to use, although my cat has a habbit of nocking the thing over!!!


trixie water and food dispenser

brilliant, never been dissapointed in zooplus or the trixie range. Pets love it, happy days.

08/05/13 | mel


got this as a free gift , im using it in 1 of my catterys , and its perfect very happy with it , so much so im going to buy some more, as id brought some off ebay and nothing comes upto this, my persian cats love it thank you zooplus