Modern, looks the part

My NFC loves this bed, just big enough for him. Luckily he is an old Cat and just wants a restful snug so suits him. \Not sure would suit energetic pets due to stability. Deffo need replacement covers. Value for money- bit on exspensive side for what it is but does look the part

06/04/17 | Haze

Took a while!

Ordered this when Leo my Maine Coon was a kitten. For probably 6-9 months he didn't want to know it. He's now 3 yrs old and sleeps in it every night. Not sure why he didn't like it at first - maybe there was a smell I couldn't detect that has now worn off? He looks very grand in his little chair - I do however wish it wasn't white - looks lovely after a wash, but doesn't stay that way for very long.-

03/21/17 | Mrs G Brannan

Where to get replacement covers?!

This is a fantastic bed & it us always in use (two dogs,two cats) which means that the cover wore thin & I had to dispense with it leaving a bed with no cover! Have tried using cushions/blankets etc but they all keep sliding out when the pets go in so now I have a great product which my pets won't use- a replacement cover should be available to buy separately or at least point us in the right direction for getting one, so, I can't honestly give 5 stars because of this issue.