Not loaf

Not what I would understand as loaf. I was expecting it to be similar to the pate styles that other brands do but maybe a little firmer, but this is like dryish mush. Cat tried it but wouldn’t eat any more. Very disappointing, I had been so hopeful when I saw RC had a new renal food.

02/20/22 | Adie Drury

A food my fussy old Madam will eat

I'm so glad there is an alternative to all the chunks in gravy as all my cat will do is lick the gravy off and leave the lumps behind! Not with this food, this food she loves and actually eats the lot.

01/08/22 | S Spencer

Least favourite

Of all the Royal Canin Veterinary Cat renal range, the Loaf is my cat's least favourite. She loves the gravy of the other flavours, but the loaf doesn't come with any sauce.

03/10/21 | Christina

The only one!

This is the only wet food my elderly cat with renal disease will eat. Actually looks forward to it! Every other wet food I tried (including the other Royal Canin products) is just pushed around the plate...I just hope she won't tire of it

01/01/21 | Sarah

Great new addition!

My 19yo cat has been on a renal diet for three years now and through changing tastes and progression of his CKD his appetite for renal foods (hills and royal canin) waxes and wanes. This new addition to the Royal Canin repertoire has him following me around the house when he sees it in my hand and we wolfs it down spectacularly. As an elderly cat with missing teeth this also seems easier for him to manage than chunks in gravy. All in all, a great food, I hope it comes in saver packs soon!

11/03/20 | James b

Great replacement of the can food

I was so disappointed when royal canin stopped making the canned renal food that my two 17yr old cats loved but now they have replaced it with this mousse and I think my cats prefer it! They wolf it down and it I s also really good on their sensitive stomachs, so I’ve gone from being a sceptic to a convert on this

10/24/20 | Ana

An absolute hit with my 13 yo girl

I’ve been struggling with getting my cat eating renal diet ever since her vet asked us to switch to it. We’ve tried all brands and eventually settled with RC, which she eats but not amazingly well. So pleased to see this new addition - she adores pates and has devoured the whole pouch in one sitting, which is totally unheard of! She even licked the bowl clean. Fab product, will definitely repurchase

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