I adopted Bast sixteen months ago and it took many failures in a search for a food that she would eat. This is the only wet food that she have. She will drink the gravy but doesn’t want the meat. So I add water and mix it in really well. Then she’ll eat the gravy but leaves the meat. One day I hope she will enjoy the meat as much as she loves the gravy.
05/05/22 | James

No difference

Made no difference to persistent diarrhea in my cat, despite feeding this for over a week. Waste of time and money


Helps Noodles with his lazy constipated colon issues. And Diva with her IBS 🙂 I have had to change their diet. I have switched food up sometimes as they get bored. But their issues come back so I reorder. I’m also finding some of the “special food” I used to order is no longer available, so I’m hopeful same doesn’t happen here.
12/02/21 | Lisa

My cat will not eat eat

Recommend by my vets as my cat got sensitive stomach but he will not eat it would rather starve ….more flavours might help
08/28/21 | Fahmida

Helps settle stomach

My 9 month old kitten has a very sensitive stomach, if he eats anything he’s foraged from outside or is the tiniest bit stressed he gets very loose stinky poos but this settles him right down. It’s more expensive than store brand cat food but a lot cheaper than the bland food he gets from the vets when he’s got diarrhoea. I keep these on hand and don’t even need logic/pro-kolin. Have bought the dry food too and will be checking out how that fares
08/14/21 | Andrea


Unfortunately my cat would rather stave himself that eat this food . It’s not for him . Vets recommended it but I don’t .

Even Non-Faddy Cat Won’t Eat This!

I have 2 rescue cats with sensitive tummies. My male cat has never been faddy before, although the female is. But, they both sniffed this and walked off, even the male. He’s never refused to eat wet cat food - ever! I’ve tried it with cheese or sardines to tempt them, but not even then will they eat it, so I’ve wasted a lot of money, due to the majority of reviews being good! Very disappointed. I’ve got 6 boxes going to waste! Back to Royal Canin. Expensive but at least they eat it all!
06/14/21 | Sadie

Much better than the Tins

Nala much prefers the pouches to the tins. The pouches are small lumps on gravy where as the tins are very much a moist pate texture.
02/13/21 | Molly

Great for digestive issues

Regular wet cat food seemed to give my cat runny poo and regular dry food gave my cat constipation. This leaves his poo fairly normal (this in addition to some pumpkin purée). He definitely prefers wet food so I’m happy there is a wet food alternative for my sensitive cat.
02/06/21 | Aga

Awful, why anyone pay for this is beyond me

I got this recommendation by a vet ( read about why vets recommend purina, Royal canin, hills etc) My kittens poo was black so I thought it's blood and send it to lab, turns out it was this food!!! I read into what this is made of and it surely CANNOT help the digestive system... Come on! Buy some good quality mousse, not this rubbish. Learn to Read labels! It's meant to contain meat! If it doesn't say what its made of- da!
08/04/20 | Anna Askew


Bought this product for my elderly but active cat,19 years. She was prone to diarrhoea as many other cat foods were too rich for her. The food is very palatable, looks good and she eats well.This has turned her life around and all bodily functions are now normal! Would certainly recommend this and the salmon variety. Service and delivery is excellent, as is the price!
01/20/20 | Anna

Great vet food for good price

I spare no expense on my pets - good food is cheaper than vet costs after poor quality ones. My older snow bengal has gastrointestinal problems. Until now I used Royal Canine gastro, which was the only option and very expensive. Until now, when I found this. My cat likes this one much better and it is a bit softer and easier for her to swallow. Also the poo is not so runny almost normal consistency. So far so good.

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