05/05/22 | James

No difference

Made no difference to persistent diarrhea in my cat, despite feeding this for over a week. Waste of time and money

12/02/21 | Lisa

My cat will not eat eat

Recommend by my vets as my cat got sensitive stomach but he will not eat it would rather starve ….more flavours might help

08/14/21 | Andrea


Unfortunately my cat would rather stave himself that eat this food . It’s not for him . Vets recommended it but I don’t .


Even Non-Faddy Cat Won’t Eat This!

I have 2 rescue cats with sensitive tummies. My male cat has never been faddy before, although the female is. But, they both sniffed this and walked off, even the male. He’s never refused to eat wet cat food - ever! I’ve tried it with cheese or sardines to tempt them, but not even then will they eat it, so I’ve wasted a lot of money, due to the majority of reviews being good! Very disappointed. I’ve got 6 boxes going to waste! Back to Royal Canin. Expensive but at least they eat it all!

02/06/21 | Aga

Awful, why anyone pay for this is beyond me

I got this recommendation by a vet ( read about why vets recommend purina, Royal canin, hills etc) My kittens poo was black so I thought it's blood and send it to lab, turns out it was this food!!! I read into what this is made of and it surely CANNOT help the digestive system... Come on! Buy some good quality mousse, not this rubbish. Learn to Read labels! It's meant to contain meat! If it doesn't say what its made of- da!