05/08/22 | Mary

The best

Highly recommend this brand! Best quality out there

04/30/22 | Hono K.

Fussy cat eats it

I have really fussy cat. I tried all decent brands, type of food, flavours but my cat won't eat anything until I add some salmon fish flakes... What I managed to discover that kitty likes chicken flavoured lily's kitchen cans, so I am happy. Food looks good inside, plenty of juices. My cat however doesn't like salmon tuna flavour from the package, so ideally I would like to buy seperate the flavours.


Fussy cats approve!

Our fussy cats will both gobble up the Tuna & Salmon variety. They aren't as keen on the chicken, so it is a shame there are 3 chicken varieties and only one fish in the multipack. I'd give 5 stars otherwise. May have to find somewhere else to buy it, to just get the fish.


They all eat this!

All our cats will eat this. They tend to lick up the gravy first and come back for the meat after a little break. They love the Tuna with Salmon best, so it's a shame that there are fewer tins of this in the pack.