03/06/20 | CC

God send

Our diabetic cat struggled with his food to begin with but he loves Integra. the other 2 healthy cats love it too and lick the bowls clean! The rabbit is a big winner, they go mad for it! its like a thick meaty pate consistency which cuts into chunks easily or can be mashed up with a fork if your cat prefers that. Value for money is great. this is a constant in our basket and has helped control our cats sugars.

01/08/19 | Lee-Ann Swain

Great product

My Maximus loves this cat food, literally licks clean the bowl


Best diabetic cat food

This is the best diabetic cat food I have tried and I've tried them all .my cat us nearly 19 and turned diabetic in the summer after trying other brands that upset her stomach found this and gave it a go she loves it doesn't upset her stomach would recommend it

02/22/16 | Dani

Great, My cat loves it!

I recommend this to anyone that has cats with diabetes. I haven't been to the vet since I bought it, but my car sure does love it. Don't hesitate to give it a try!

09/28/15 | Zander Law

Excellent Find

My Toby has been diabetic for about a year and a half now. First he was on food from the vets, but that was a bit expensive, then i found royal canin Diabetic pouches, these were good, but again after a while he got fed up and was walking away from it. I found this and Wow, what a find. Hi coat is great, Soft, Fluffy, He's bright, alert and along with his twice daily insulin has a great quality of life for a 14 year old. I cannot recommend this food enough, at each glucose curve he was maintaining his weight, maybe putting on 100g or so. After feeding him this for 3 weeks, at his last glucose curve, it was one of the best they'd had from him, also he had gained a staggering 600g, Over half a Kilo, he is now the perfect weight, happy and Content. I can't recommend this enough :D

08/24/14 | Maryann

Integra protect diabetes

My cat is diabetic, but I also have four other cats , all house cats, there all 11&13 yrs old, I feed them all integra diabetic food, they love , it keeps there weight down, as they get older they are not as active, my vet said most cats hate diabetic food, it's hard to keep them eating it . Not integra diabetic food I can guarantee they will have no problem enjoying this food , my own cats love it ,I am sure your will have no problem with it and healthy cats if there old or over weight can eat it , it will do them no harm , it will do them good, it will keep there weight down, and keep them healthy.

07/10/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Strongly recommended!

Three months ago my 5 year old cat Angus was diagnosed with diabetes. At first it was really hard. He wouldn't eat the special food and normal foods were giving him diarrhoea. He was losing weight steadily. After 4 weeks of this wet food (which he likes very much) he is fully recovered! His weight is stable, his hair is thick and shiny, and he plays and jumps like before he was ill. His water consumption has also returned to normal. The blood sugar is still pretty high, but it has lowered from 540 to 400 in a matter of 20 days. We hope (with the help of insulin treatments) to reduce it to even more acceptable values. I highly recommend this food, and it's also been approved by the vet clinic that's treating my Angus!


Delicious and good for the blood sugar level

My cat loves this food very much and eats it with pleasure. The carbohydrate content of around 7% is also great for diabetic cats, so this food is one of the few really good diabetes specialty foods (all the others have too high carbohydrate content and are unsuitable). The price is also ok, so far it's my current favourite :) Just a shame that there is only one variant available, a few more flavours would obviously be desirable (a matter for the manufacturer!)


Delicious, but more choice would be nice

My cat eats this food very happily and his values are more stable than with other food. Animonda usually also has a beef variant, so it would be very nice if we could order that from zooplus!

11/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.it


Finally a suitable food and at a good price. My diabetic cat finally put on weight and is doing well (of course also thanks to insulin). The other two healthy cats are always trying to steal it, so it is obviously good.

05/22/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

Integra Diabetes

There is usually another flavour of this food, the beef one, and it would be good to offer this variety. All my cats like Animonda Integra (they have other special diets, like Urinary).

04/30/13 | barry adamson

my cat loves this

i have tried other makes of diabetic cat food but this is by far my cats favourite


Diabetes food

My cat has diabetes, and this food makes him better. Unfortunately only one tasty flavour, we would love to try more flavours.

02/06/11 | Maxine Cleverley and Taz


Our pussy cat's blood sugar was over 30 in November 2010. Integra everyday has helped reduce her level to 5.6 which is purrfect! Thank you so much.

09/17/10 | Patricia Price

For diabetic cats

My cat had got fed up with eating other types of diabetic wet food with a liver flavour. However, although I am not completely sure what is in this food my cat seems to love it and I will definately buy some more for her.