05/02/21 | Julie De-felice self

My cat Dorothy has imflamatry bowl desease to all

To all who feed zd to your cat's.. My Dorothy was on steroids and antibiotics and eating this wonderful food.. After worrying about the medication she was on i decided to try her with Dorwest Herbal remedy called Tree Barks Powder. It's incredible, you mix a little in the wet food 5 ml into zd wet food.. Dorothy has been off all meds for two years... PLEASE TRY..


Has been out of stock for ages

Brexit affecting the supply chain? I've been waiting to reorder this for a couple of months. I can't find this product anywhere. I've had to switch to other hypoallergenic food but I'm nervous my cat will get sick again.



I have 2 cats, brothers with tummy issues. 1 is on vet specific variety food but is allowed this as a change. They will eat it but it's more of a change in flavour, emergency back up.if he goes off the salmon flavoured food.

12/12/20 | Samantha

It works

My cat has come to me on this food he likes it. How ever we have had a bad batch but Zooplus have been great sorted it all out and withdrew the batch from sale. I also read the other comment about a little splash of water, he now eats it all really well. He still has to have steroids but I just mix them with the food. Happy cat and happy me 🙂


A lifesaver for my cat

My cat has severe food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. Hill's z/d has literally saved her life!

11/06/20 | Giulia Franco

Very good

My cat has sensitive tummy and he is doing great with this food. He likes it too


mix with water

my poor kitty has been suffering from rashes, which the vet has linked to food. They recommended this as a wet food alternative. My cat HATED it, but I discovered that mixing some water into it and adding some purina ha dry food on top did the trick! I think it's too sticky for cats to eat and the water resolves that issue.

08/04/20 | anne

Other cats are jealous!

I was very worried about ordering this after reading reviews especially as it is costly and the cat that needs it is a fussy eater. I managed to get one on trial and my cat absolutely LOVED it! My other 2 try to pinch it! So glad as it was the only wet hypoallergenic food available

04/23/20 | Tracee Meyn


We have been using this food for a few years ago. It is the only wet food that our can eat. The problem is, the food is never the same texture or smell. From one batch to the next it is different. This time we got a batch that is totally rubbery and hard. The last time it was sticky, once before it was dry and crumbly. We have to return the last cans we bought, because the cat refuses to eat it. Find a formula that works for the greater majority and STICK TO IT. it's unreliable.


Not palatable

I tried this for two fussy older cats (17 and 11), one of whom has IBD and also requires novel or digestible proteins. Difficult food to feed as it is like a firm blancmange with little texture and quite dry. My two ate this in the morning when they were hungry on the first day, but turned their nose up thereafter.


Consistent product but poor palatability

Pate type food, tried mixing in very small amounts with a food he likes but as soon as proportions increase, doesn't eat the wet food. Tried Dechra's hydrolysed hypoallergic wet food (food allergen management) instead and would advise to try that as an alternative- smells a lot like tuna!

01/25/20 | Dom

Highly overrated - our cat starving for three days since given this food.

Recommended by Our Vet for our cat as he scratches or leak his hair form back to bare skin. Due to consistency - thick pate like of this product our cat doesn't want to eat it from day one. He struggled to take a bite , We tried to add some boiled water but intensive liver odour still keep him away from this food. As resould our cat aws starving for three days eating little of same product in dry form. We stopped his trial and orderd Royal Canin substitute hope would work better.

01/22/20 | ckurt

waste of money

my cat with severe skin allergies was on z/d diet for almost tewo years and he hated the wet food (did not particularly like the dry either) and the food did not do him any good anyways. we switched to Purina Veterinary Diets Feline HA - Hypoallergenic, they actually smell decent (like cheese crackers) and both my cats love it. As that one does not come with wet food option I am trying Kattovit sensitive and he seems to be ok for the moment. never again z/d was a big waste of money!

01/20/20 | Kitt-Cat

It's Ok

Both my Bengal Boys have tummy troubles, IBD and Pancreatitis :( . They have been on d/d, and z/d. Sometimes they will eat the meat ( pate) others time they turn their nose up, depends what mood they are in. Also, I wish Zooplus would stock Hills prescription d/d. They used when it was vension and green pea, but since Hills changed to Duck & Green Pea they have stopped stocking it. As others have said this does smell rather yuk, but if your cat needs it, then they need it.


Nasty sticky stuff with no texture

Your cat probably won't enjoy this. Mine eat it when they are really hungry. Spike just turned his nose up at a bowl of this, then when I let him outside, he's eating some bread I'd put out for the birds

11/21/19 | Christian

Perfect for IBD

I am surprised at all the bad reviews my cat absolutely loves it he has IBD and pancreatic insufficiency and this was prescribed by the vet and it is the only thing he will touch, he adores it. I do agree that it is sticky and a paste but it works, his tummy isn't upset he isn't sick and his bowel function with medication is normal so couldn't be happier


Terrible and a total waste of money

My cat has a skin allergy and has been on the hills dry food, which works well. But the canned food is awful, he really struggled to eat it. He did try but we’d end up throwing most of the tin away. We couldn’t get the better of his skin allergy until, we stopped the canned zd food totally. I noticed on another review that they put the food out for foxes. We tried that and the foxes wouldn’t eat it

11/12/19 | MARIA Anderson


Sadly none of my cats will touch it, even the one's that aren't fussy. It's a paste but more like a solid jelly which is like glue. Literally like glue. It won;t mush easily and stick to everything. A bit yucky. Expensive mistake.

10/03/19 | Tim

cat wouldn't eat it after 3 feeds

I'm sure this is a great product if your cat will eat it but mine would not. I don't blame him either as it looks absolutely gross. It's basically a really thick and sticky paste which my cat seemed to struggle to swallow. We tried adding water to make it easier to swallow but he wouldn't touch it that way either (hot or cold). For me it was a waste of money.

08/28/19 | Julia Davies

Awful and cat hates it

12 tins is the minimum buy - ridiculous as 12 tins is a huge amount of food and they were packing singly so why couldn't I just order 1 or 2 to try? Very difficult to handle - it's a dry, sticky mousse that is very hard to deal with. Thirdly, the cat hates it and won't eat it.