04/24/22 | Valerie Lindsay

Rabbit variety

When will the rabbit variety be back in stock? My cats favourite.

03/22/22 | Janice Reid

Mixed Savers

My cat loves this variety with the rabbit pouches but why is it unavailable just now?

02/21/22 | Janice Reid

My cats favourite

When and if will the chicken beef rabbit and salmon varieties of food be back in stock please 🙏?


My baby loves these

I always chose two boxes - meat and fish - to provide some variety to my cat and he loves these. From now on will stick to these. Good value and high percentage of real meat/fish.


Surely not!

We have three cats and all of them loves Gourmet but prefer the added vegetables. I stand and watch them eat to avoid them stealing from the eldest one. This food is gone in seconds and the bowl licked clean. I have even found that one of them has taken to pinching packets and opening them during the day. Would be okay if it wasn't for the mess everywhere.


Cats love it!

I have been giving this to my cats since they were kittens and they still love it. No sign of them getting bored anytime soon.

04/21/20 | Marie

Great quality

All my cats have loved Gourmet Perle - I find it great quality and value. There’s lots of gravy, which my cats love. Zooplus offer a great price on this product too.

06/25/19 | Anna

Quality ingredients

My two ragdoll boys love these but only eat half a sachet a day each as it's quite rich. They have dry food mainly.to compliment their diet.

10/26/17 | Keith Hill

My cats' favourite selection

My two cats have sampled most premium food and this is the only combination where they like all the flavours.

07/28/17 | Julie

Cats love it

I have 7 fussy cats but they all love gourmet perle pouches