Very good, it was eaten up straightaway

My cats had always eaten dry food instead of wet food until now. The Asia wet food was very well received and is always gobbled up immediately. What's more, it doesn't smell too strongly or nasty like some other food varieties.
07/18/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

My cat loves this food

My cat rarely finishes his bowl of food, but this is one of his favourites. The bowl is empty!

Highly recommended

All of my 6 cats love this food. It is fresh and smells very pleasant. I will happily pick this food for our rescue cats and they never leave any in the bowl.
04/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super product

My 2 cats love this product and so do I, whole pieces of shrimp and chicken in jelly.
04/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great product

My 2 cats love this product and so do I, whole pieces of shrimp and chicken in jelly.
01/27/20 | Marc

Hello Cosmo, Goodbye Felix

Bit the bullet and tried this premium cat food after the quality of the Felix was going from bad to worse. What a change! Our cat has gulped down every Thai and Glory flavour. Couldn't write a review for the mega trial pack as no longer available - the only ones she had doubts with were the 'Original' flavours - Mackerel and Sardine, which are a bit overpowering. The Quail eggs, crab, chicken look so good - they seem good enough to spread on my toast! Expensive but better for her and no waste

My cats all love this

I have grain intolerant kitties and they all adore this foor, especially the stinky liver one!

Looks very tasty

My cats happily eat it up. Great food with fruit and some different flavours for the cats.
11/10/19 | originally published in zooplus.de

Looks appetising and my boy likes it

The contents of the can smell good and also look very good. You can see that it is made of meat. My tomcat is an outdoor cat and isn't used to being spoilt so he really enjoyed this. Highly recommended.

Fruits and thai is great

I read someone said the fruit was great, my cats a little ** that turns his nose up at everything, expensive thrive is his fave food. Gave this fruit a shot and he actually loved it, he also liked the thai mixed pack after a bit of nose pulling on some flavours at first he eats them all. My cats still a ** but at least i'm not chucking food out now.
02/11/19 | Hilary

It looks good enough to tempt me to eat it

I thought I'd try this stuff as my boys are a little fussy sometimes. I'm ordering more now as they love it. It's a little expensive for every day, but it's worth it as I figure I throw most of the other wet food I give them away and at least they eat this. The fish is recognisable as fish, tuna, shrimp etc and comes in it's own jelly so it's not runny but when it's mushed it flakes rather than becomes goo.

they gobble this down

no messing around with this food, no anxious sniffs, its a battle to get the food out of the tin before madam wants to get stuck in....
11/27/18 | Louise Forrester


I just started my cats on this due to going off carny and feringa wet food... Well they are loving it! Actual chicken breast the food has no bad smell. I have two cat one prefers wet one dry... Millie who prefers dry only licks the jelly off other wet food... but this she’s Eating the whole thing! I’ve never seen her enjoy wet food as much! Very happy with the quality... it’s more expensive than the others but at least I’m not throwing full bowls away... best food. Loads of different flavours!
03/07/18 | Richard

Cosma Thai and fruits

Cats can't get enough and has helped settle sensitive tums. Highly recommended for sensitive cats and fussy cats

Cats LOVE it

Having extremely picky cats that need their food changing ~3 times a day for them to eat at all (which results in an upset tummy), I ordered a bunch of trial packs from Zooplus. This being one of them and I am SO thrilled to have finally found a type of food that they adore! They just can't get enough of it, and I am so happy - no more upset tummies.
09/22/17 | Amy

Baby boy loves it!!

My 11 month old boy loves this food. I wasn't sure about it but got a trial pack to see what he thinks. I like to give him a varied diet so always buy a wide selection of brands, textures, etc. He prefers this one for sure and as soon as he sees the tin, he starts meowing and purring. Loves this food and always cleans his plate and walks away with a fat belly. :)
09/21/17 | Jane

Good tasty food

I tried these to see if my grain intolerant cat could cope with rice to establish if it was just a wheat allergy. Glad to say she tolerates these with no problem so have just received a 2nd order & will be trying her on the 'Cosma Glory' variety next.

A Winner!!

My cat Sammi loves all the Cosmo range. It's a good quality cat food at a great price and I know she is getting the best. I have tried other cat foods but always come back to Cosmo.
11/12/16 | Lee

Good Quality Food

We have a Bengal and had been feeding her Applaws as treat food. I saw Cosma cat food and decided to give it ago. Cosma Thai is good quality food at a excellent price and our Bengal loves it!
10/13/16 | Momina

Absolute WINNER!!

Finally a wet cat food that doesn't end up in the bin, like other more expensive brands did..! Looks + smells delicious, GREAT variety within the Cosma range and thankfully the chicken is finely shredded, otherwise Miss Pixie wouldn't be bothered to actually put any effort in eating it :D

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