12/15/21 | Alvis

Not at all sure about this product

All our cats licked their bowls clean of this wet food. However most of them then experienced tummy troubles, this despite the usual careful introduction to a new wet food. Most worrying was that some of the cats vomited shortly after eating. This means we will not risk using the remaining 3+ boxes. Also seems pointless to donate elsewhere as this may also cause other cats discomfort, so will have to bin the lot unfortunately!

12/14/21 | Alvis

Cannot recommend

Most of my cats have runny tummies or vomit after eating this product. Not at all sure what is in this product. Will throw remaining packets out as not willing to risk my cats health.


not liked

my two did not like smell

10/10/20 | Jane Knowles

Not like proper cat food

My cat will not eat this, it looks like mushed up cheap food. It says Ragout, but Ragout looks and smells like meat, this does not! Ended up throwing the other 10 pouches out. Total waste of money