05/30/22 | Przemek

Loves it

My kitten absolutely loves this food no matter what ‚flavour’ however I noticed that the Salmon is the favourite.

06/23/21 | Danielle

Kitten loves it

My Maine coon kitten loves this wet food. Gets so excited when I bring it out and chows it down. Loves all 3 flavors and nice having variety for him

06/09/21 | Reema Hannan

Fussy kitten loves it

My fussy little girl loves this! I feed her chunks with a fork and she really enjoys it

03/05/21 | Monika


I have a sphynx boy, they usually have a sensitive stomach so we are trying to be very careful with what we buy. We are using Applaws dry food and now we bought this to try. So far so good! No bad signs physically and he just loves it.

11/21/20 | Nicolle

Buy buy buy!

After trying lots of different meats with our kitten who has a sensitive stomach, we've found that not only does this make his stomach and bowels much more "normal", but he also loves it. Definitely prefers the chicken and tuna over the sardines! 100% would recommend this product, not just for sensitive tummies. It doesn't smell like your cheap cat food either, smells like regular meat/fish. Fantastic.

04/27/20 | Ida


We try to feed our kitten a good mix of fish and meat and she absolutely loves the fish cans! She will refuse other fish wet food but loves Applaws. We've tried the sardines and the tuna and they're both a hit. I like the variety because the sardines are a bit more packed and the tuna has some sauce - which is great!


Kittens love the variety

My kittens love all three, especially the tuna and (smelly!) sardine. I was wasting uneaten food with Felix pouches and Lily's Kitchen wet food, which they went off of. Helpful to know they need a complete dry food with this.

01/15/20 | Emily

My kittens love it!

My kittens had gone off the Lily's Kitchen kitten food, so I switched to Applaws and they love it, especially the tuna and sardine. Not as keen on the chicken, but like it if I mash it for them. Shame they don't sell large packs of the sardine on its own.



Top quality healthy food, kitten enjoys it.

12/05/19 | Donnchahd

Loves loves loves this

He eats it all up but he does come looking for more and he doesn’t need it I think he just loves the flavour so much and it’s real quality meat unlike other brands, be aware this is only like an add on to what he eats he doesn’t get all his nutrients from this food so still feed almo nature kitten nuts

11/21/19 | Angela


My two kittens now ages between 6 and 7 months love this. Have tried all three flavours. They ate them all but weren't as fussed on the Sardine, favouring the chicken and tuna. Great supplement to the dry chicken flavoured Applaws kitten kibble.

04/08/19 | Oana

Very good food

My kitten loves it! She is so greedy! She wants a lotttt!

05/24/18 | Ola Nellies

Best Food Ever

My girlfriend and I have a moggy and a ragdoll. We didn't want to feed them on any cheap food as it is bad for them. We researched for weeks and found this incredible brand. Our kitty's love this food!! Everytime we even touch the food bowls or open the food chest they come running, even if it's not feeding time. The dry food is the same. They just love it. I highly recommend applaws kitten food for all owners.


Very Happy Kitten

Our kitten was on Whiskas when we first got him but he never seemed that interested and would slowly pick at his food. After a couple of weeks we moved him onto Applaws wet and dry, and he now empties his bowl as soon as it's filled. He seems to be much more energetic now and can't wait for meal times. His favourites are the tuna and sardine flavours. Highly recommended.

03/13/17 | Kev Harper

Small tins, but the Maine Coons love it

Great, high quality food, and our 2 Maine Coon kittens love it, but I will say that its just a supplement to thier main diet, its gone in 60 seconds! We have been buying the mixed pack , but the Sardine is thier least favourite and is very sticky and cloying, so we are sticking with the Tuna and Chicken from now.

02/05/17 | Fin

Our Kitten's favourite food!

We've bought our kitten a mix of foods to give him some variety, and also because we can't afford to feed him this three or four times a day. That said, he loves this one the most - he can smell you opening the tin from the other side of the house and always purrs when you put it down in front of him. As I say, not cheap, but as a treat it's thoroughly recommended!

12/17/16 | beata

yummy snack for my kitten

my ragdoll kitten loves it. its good portion for him at the moment as he is 3 months old. good guality as otherwise Gizmo would not eat it:)


Kittens favourite!

While it might not be the cheapest, my kitten absolutely LOVES the kitten applaws tins! Each serving that I have given has been finished off in no time at all with no waste, as even the bowl gets properly cleaned off by the kitten trying not to miss any of the food! Really like that Zooplus sell the variety packs. Highly recommend!

07/27/14 | Val

Top marks all the way

My two kittens were introduced to applaws and they adore it. Never seen such quick eating in all my life. One favours the chicken and one favours the tuna, which sadly I can't get on zooplus for the kitten range. Little disappointed it's not a complete food but I supplement with Lilys Kitchen and Porta 21. All in all brilliant quality food for two very happy kittens. Please please get the kitten tuna tins in :)

05/24/14 | Carol

irresistible to hedgehogs

I dunno about kittens, but my hogs LOVE this. My pygmy hedgehogs are a fussy bunch and they all like different things, but they all licked the bowl clean when I offered them some of this. I even managed to trick them into eating some veg that I mixed through it. 1st time all the bowls have been empty in the morning :o). V pleased I bought the 24 pack!