02/24/21 | Dreamya

no like

My Kittens doesn't like to eat.

01/29/21 | Marzena

Not his taste

I ordered Applows in different flavours for my kitten as I wanted to give my little one some choice but unfortunately he didn't like it. The only one he would eat was chicken flavour


Kittens would not eat chicken variety

I've been buying this food for many years for my adult cats. They would generally like the food, except for some batches. They prefer tuna and one of them would not touch any other flavor. Recently I rescued 3 kittens, 5months old. They initially tried the chicken, which is easier to obtain, but I found vomit all over the floor. None of them would touch the chicken variety since, even if they were hungry, despite the fact that they love freshly cooked chicken. The chicken food does not look nice


Don't buy the mixed pack

My kitten ate the sardine once and got a terrible diarrhea for one week. And it smells disgusting! Chicken and tuna is much better, and smell better.


one of my cats cannot eat this without being sick

Not too sure whether it is the food, but the little one eats everything I offer him - including this food, however, cannot keep it in his stomach so I have stopped feeding it. Tried four times, a shame.

11/21/14 | Amy

Tasty (aparently) but not a complete food

I give this food to my kitten in conjunction with the Applaws dry kitten food. She loves the taste and wolfs it down but this is more of a treat as it is not nutritionally complete and will need to be supplemented with another food. It's really handy to ensure your kitten is getting moisture as dry food on it's own is quite bad for them. I give her one tin (70g) split up throughout the day. 3 Stars because my kitten loves it. 2 knocked off due to not mentioning that it is a treat food on the packaging.


Not a complete cat food!

I agree this does seem to be a great cat food with a high protein content and my diabetic cat loves it, however I called the uk supplier and asked if it was a complete food. The answer was no!! They recommend you add a vitamin supplement to the food. The dried food is a complete diet but the wet food isn't.