05/30/22 | Przemek

Loves it

My kitten absolutely loves this food no matter what ‚flavour’ however I noticed that the Salmon is the favourite.



My kittens use to love this but now they won't touch it as it's been changed.

11/13/21 | Justina

recipe changed

sadly my cat won't touch that kitten food anymore tuna have jelly and rice aded and they don't like that. used to be nice tuna in broth only and they would kill for the food - is a no now ... shame


Changed Recipe

The recipe must have changed. My kitten won’t eat it anymore. She used to absolutely love it before. The recipe is now jelly like with an odd smell.

09/06/21 | Richard Zurowski

Changed recipe

Not the same kitten food as before. Must be bad as my kitten won’t eat it anymore.

06/26/21 | Rasa


My cat used to love applaws tuna wet food sadly food been changed and my cat will not even touch it. I can see different myself just by looking and comparing old and new food tins. When food comes in the paper box packaging food is nice, in the plastic wrapped packaging cat will not eat. I hope they will look into peoples reviews!


Changed so disappointing

Kittent wont eat now, when before used to love it…. Waste of money.

06/23/21 | Danielle

Kitten loves it

My Maine coon kitten loves this wet food. Gets so excited when I bring it out and chows it down. Loves all 3 flavors and nice having variety for him

06/09/21 | Reema Hannan

Fussy kitten loves it

My fussy little girl loves this! I feed her chunks with a fork and she really enjoys it

05/20/21 | Natalia

All been changed

I have already wrote about tuna, but chicken changed as well. Now my kitten not touching it at all.... applaws went from her best to the worst. Don't know about sardines as mine didn't ate those even with old packing

05/20/21 | Natalia


Huge dissapointment... applaws tuna changed ingredients. Price same quality much worse. Consistency awful compared to old one. Kitten not eaten it at all, with old one it was her favourite!!!!.. money wasted.... left with 23 packs of applaws tuna. New one will never recommend!q


Good for sensitive tummies

We started off with the kitten mixed pack as my 6 month old has developed sensitives to felix. Won't touch the sardines but loves the chicken and tuna - glad they sell them as bigger packs and not just in a mixed pack.

04/20/21 | Fatima


My kitten loves all flavours of the wet food variety. Surprisingly sardines is her favourite, she will finish that in one go. I saw Applaws had changed their packaging but it seems the contents have been changed too ? For the first time this morning she refused to eat the chicken flavour, baring in mind i fed her chicken (old package) two days ago and she was fine with it. Tried to give her this new pack and did not touch. What am I supposed to do with all the chicken cans ?? :(


Not the same

Mu kitten use to like applaws tuna ones. Since packaging changed its not the same. Before use to be more wet, different consistension and kitten don’t really like it anymore:/

03/05/21 | Monika


I have a sphynx boy, they usually have a sensitive stomach so we are trying to be very careful with what we buy. We are using Applaws dry food and now we bought this to try. So far so good! No bad signs physically and he just loves it.

02/24/21 | Dreamya

no like

My Kittens doesn't like to eat.

02/20/21 | Nicola

Changed the contents

Finally found a food that my kitten with IBS can tolerate, only for them to change the contents and make her sick. Not to mention it now smells like rotten meat. 24 cans of that going on the bin another 20.99 wasted and back to searching for a food she can eat

02/04/21 | Warren

Air inside the can and stale food

Not tried Applaws before but when they arrived the tins were full of air, although still sealed, you could rattle the food around inside the can. When opening the can half the food has turned brown and not pink like the rest. I didn’t risk feeding my kittens this as it’s definitely not right and asked for a refund instead, which thanks to Zooplus I got. Be careful buying this food! I’d post a pic to show but it does allow it

01/29/21 | Marzena

Not his taste

I ordered Applows in different flavours for my kitten as I wanted to give my little one some choice but unfortunately he didn't like it. The only one he would eat was chicken flavour

11/21/20 | Nicolle

Buy buy buy!

After trying lots of different meats with our kitten who has a sensitive stomach, we've found that not only does this make his stomach and bowels much more "normal", but he also loves it. Definitely prefers the chicken and tuna over the sardines! 100% would recommend this product, not just for sensitive tummies. It doesn't smell like your cheap cat food either, smells like regular meat/fish. Fantastic.