Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower

Grey: 80 x 75 x 161 cm (L x W x H)
: 4/5
Elegant and mobile ferret home with over 2 levels with extensive accessories...further information
Product description
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
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Grey: 80 x 75 x 161 cm (L x W x H)95915.0
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Product description

Elegant and mobile ferret home with over 2 levels with extensive accessories

Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK.

The Rat & Ferret Cage Furet Tower offers your pet the perfect home.
With its rectangular, roomy form, the cage has over 2 levels for your ferret. Give your pet variety in life with the extensive accessories included with the cage. Four Wheels allow you to easily move the cage.

With its rectangular, roomy shape the cage offers your ferret plenty of space. The lattice with cross bracing can be removed easily from the plastic basin for cleaning. The basin is attached to the cage by clasps on the wide side of the cage and is also made slip proof by plastic teeth on the inside of the cage. The corners of the lattice are strengthened and ensure stability. On the front of the cage is a double door that allows to move your pet in and out of the cage. There is an additional double door on the top of the cage. Thus you have plenty of room to reach into the cage. 

Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower at a glance:

  • Size: 80 x 75 x 161 cm (L x W x H)
  • Base tray size: 80 x 75 x 18 cm (L x W x H)
  • rectangular, roomy cage with over 2 levels
  • cross bracing
  • plastic basin
  • stable frame
  • bar spacing: 15.5 x 1.4 cm (L x W)
  • 3 doors - 2 in front and 1 on top
  • Please Note: This product cannot be delivered to Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Accessories included:
    • 3 Platforms (2 with ramps)
    • 2 transparent tunnels diameter 10.5 cm
    • 1 hammock
    • 1 food bowl and 1 water bottle
  • Not suitable for rabbits or guinea pigs

Ferplast - Quality produced in Italy:

The traditional Italian brand Ferplast has been producing high quality pet accessories for over 40 years. New Pet Generation means maximum comfort and top product quality for all pets.

Please note: It is essential that rabbits and guinea pigs have enough space for freedom of movement - a hutch alone is not enough. Please be sure to follow the guidelines set out by Rabbit Welfare Association, PDSA and RSPCA regarding recommended living areas for small pets. As well as a suitable hutch or cage, your pet also needs a separate, secured run to give them a safe space to exercise. Please take a look at our range of runs here. zooplus recommends that all outdoor rabbit hutches are positioned in a sheltered location, protected from potential predators and shaded on sunny days.

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Ferplast Ferret Cage Furet Tower
: 4/5
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: 2/5
Impossible to assemble
I ordered it because it seemed perfectly practical, but 3 hours into putting it together and nothing fits, instructions are unclear, common sense won’t cut it. Get your hammer ready and be prepared for a breakdown. Everything is stuck now and it’s still far from usable
: 2/5
cheap flimsy material and the peices dont fit together spend your money on something way better whith enough room and you probably want one made of medal those ones are a bit more pricey but nice size and they aren’t flimsy dont a get a plastic one like this👎
: 2/5
After using this cage for a good few weeks now I feel comfortable leaving a honest review. I won't lie, the cage is awful. The size is perfectly fine, and the depth of the bace and middle are fine, however everything else is awful. It's difficult to clean. It's difficult to add and remove things in the cage as the 2 doors are very small and awkward to use, and it's difficult to reach the back of the cage thrugh the doors as well. The top door is pointless as you can't reach it. Bought a new cage
: 5/5
Very good for rats
Love this cage a lot. Much better than my previous cage for our rats. We have two male rats and they love climbing in this cage. We removed all the platforms and the middle section so they can climb more. Only issue we have is the doors are very small which can make cleaning difficult.
21/03/21|Ferret mum
: 4/5
Its good but
My ferrets love there home, i like it but, what is it cages doors they are so small and a little awkward to get in to. The tubes i took away they fall off all the time so i got them dog bed crash pads to land on when they choose to drop down the hole. Its good for hammocks, loads of beds and blankets. Cleaning especially at back of cage is hard because of doors being small. Oh and building it they slots would not connect to the bars had to use a mallet to get in but i do like it.
: 3/5
Spacious cage but flawed design
PROS: Extremely spacious, deep bases, comes with some good accessories too, wheels allow the cage to be moved easily CONS: Difficult to assemble, not enough doors so it’s hard to reach the back of the cage for cleaning, the tubes at the bottom keep falling off with my rat inside and I’m extremely concerned about my rat being harmed so I’ve had to take them out and put a shelf directly under the hole so they can climb up. Quite dangerous.
: 5/5
Amazing rat cage!
Brilliant size as quality for the money!
: 5/5
Excellent customer service
The cage itself is good - there’s more than enough room for my 2 ferrets & it comes with good accessories (although I wouldn’t recommend using the water bottle if you’re keeping ferrets in the cage). However, my cage came with some faulty parts & as a result I had to tie two of the panels together with cable ties. I contacted Zooplus customer service & they were more than helpful, issuing me a partial refund quickly & offering their assistance.
: 5/5
love it!!
We bought this for our 2 degus (non chewers) for Christmas as they had the p@h cage when we got them (way to small) this cage is massive and fits a lot of toys hammocks tubes etc in I will defo order more if needed for any reason
06/08/17|Beverley Wright
: 5/5
This cage is gigantic and so well maed but be sure to build it in the room it is staying in as it is that big it won't go through doors. My 2 ferrets love it. The only down side is that it would be much better if there were 2 more doors in it as it is difficult to clean out. However it is brilliant for the price, look on Amazon as it is a bargaing at Zoo Plus.
: 5/5
Nightmare to clean but worth it
My seven girl ratties ADORE this cage and it can fit so many hammocks, tubes, ledges, toys etc. However, it is an absolute pain to clean and you need a lot of room to dismantle and deep clean. My only other gripe is that my ratties can get a bit confrontational in the single tube that connects the upper and lower sections but I've learnt not to feed them on a different level to where they store their food. Still wouldn't change it for anything, apart from a cage with bigger access doors!
23/08/15|sharon hagan
: 4/5
Not very practical and has problems.
I ordered this for my 3 ferret girls as struggled to find a good sized cage for a fair price in uk. the cage itself is a great size brilliant infact lots of room to add extra platforms and hammocks or whatever you want. the price brilliant unbeatable i think for what you get easy to put together from flatpacked. Nice easy clean plastic base and the wheels for me make it great i can wheel it out and clean behind although should imagine on carpet these be pointless? thats about where it ends im afraid. firstly when you build this do it slowly its very easy but if you do it in the wrong order its pain taking it apart to fix the problem. and keep in mind there seems to be spares so do not do what i did and spend ages thinking what have i missed. Right now the big bit which if i had known before or thought through would of STOPPED me buying this cage. once built its huge and when you want to hang anything inside thats where problems start you have just the 2 small doors on fronts only way to do it is to get in. now im a large lady it was very tight and very uncomfy but even my much smaller son and husband struggled here there is no way once built to access from anything but the doors so placing yourself half in and trying to turn around inside that large cage no longer seems so large i did get very angry and stressed and regretted buying right away from that point. Yes it has a big door on top but im 5'9 tall and i cannot use this door unless i stand on a steps lol so forget that door total waste of time. cleaning you need remove the whole top cage to clean top floor then the whole cage totally to get to bottom. I keep ferrets so as you can imagine the base does need washing. something you need to do daily is now a massive choir and once you have paid this money your kinda stuck with this problem. Thats not all sadly! The tubes that they use to reach each level. rubbish the top one you hang with chains supplied my girls on first day bashed this about so much it kept coming apart so i had to glue it. I didnt feel that was good? The bottom one well what can i say? They need that obviously to get up and down that fell right out so not only was i lucky they wasnt hurt it didnt stay in after that so i had to do away with the tube and buy new tubing so they could get up and down. now that might not seem a problem but keep in mind what i said about doors. animals moved in tubes collapse you cannot get in to fix it so whole cage taken to bits animals removed tube fixed (i thought) everything put back im hot stressed and not pleased only for 5 mins later the same thing happened grrr not ideal so please folks keep that in mind i did read reviews i looked up many cages before deciding on this and no one mentioned any of this so it was disappointing. The long and short of it is fantastic sized cage brilliant for maybe 3 hob ferrets or 5 jills maybe move if like mine they are only sleeping in mostly. but access is a problem which then makes many things difficult so would i recommend it? Hmm sadly no if i could turn back i would pay more and buy a xl ferret nation i think
15/04/13|Sarah Evans
: 4/5
Simply Massive
I've had this cage for almost 2 years now and have had up to 15 rats in it. Its an amazing cage, its absolutely massive!! Its great for the rats as they have masses of space but it can be difficult to clean, partly due to its massive size and weight and partly due to access problems. It is also difficult to hang hammocks in the bottom half of the cage. I have also recently had problems with the wheels, two broke, so I had to take the others off and now have to lift the cage to move it! This was due to the cage being kept on carpet, so I'd advise to keep it on solid floors if you can. Despite some issues it is a huge cage that the rats love and alot of space for the price!
21/01/13|pippa willlamson
: 4/5
very good
Bought this for my ferret who loves it and is a very happy fuzball but I find it difficult to clean and would like to suggest the manufactures put doors on 2 sides.otherwise its great, delivery was good and putting it together was no problem.
: 4/5
WOW! Just wow!
My furet tower arrived today. I bought it for my nine rats, males in the top, females in the bottom. The cage is HUGE. You don't realize how big it actually is until it is set up. It took almost a whole day to set up and put enrichment in. And when the rats finally went in, they loved it of course. However, there were a couple of problems that I encountered. The first is that you can't turn it into two cages, unless you find something to shove in the hole on the upper part of the cage (in my case-a plant pot). The second problem is that its hard to tie enrichment like hammocks to the back of the cage unless you have someone to help you. The third problem was putting enrichment in the lower part of the cage- there are no bars at the top of the lower part so everything must be connected to the sides. Very difficult if you have hammocks to tie to the cage. But overall a very good cage- good sized doors, on wheels for easy movement, a lot of space, good quality. I would definitely recommend this :)
20/07/12|Samantha Sinclair
: 5/5
Amazing Cage
A beautiful cage, very large and extremely robust. Complete with tubes, bottle, hammock and food bowl. I bought this for my six girl rats, and they now live in a palace! Plenty of room for extra toys. Consists of three very large doors - two at the front and one on the top (the top one is virtually redundant for me, as I only stand at 5ft 2in, and the cage is taller than me! Nice castors make this cage easy to move around, and the roomy doors make spot cleaning a doddle! By far one of the better cages on the market. I am very pleased with my purchase, and would recommend. Especially at this price! Easy to clean, easy to get access to all areas and easy to assemble. Plus it has the joy of being able to flat pack when not in use. The only drawback I found with it, which is a minor issue, is the lack of hanging space in the bottom tier, but this can be easily adapted if required. Excellent!
27/08/11|Alex + Becca
: 5/5
Amazingly big!
We had been using an older Ferplast Jenny cage for our two young hobbs but they were needing more room so we ordered the Furet Tower. Boy is it big! Make sure you have a) enough room for it (it is deeper than the Jenny, almost square) and b) enough toys and hammocks etc to fill it. We managed to fit it in the living room as the space in the dinning room was just too small! Worth measuring the floor space before ordering! hight wise it is the same hight as the wife which makes the top door a little redundant (at 6'2" I am too short to use that. The build quality and finish are much better than the older cage we had, the ability to have it as a single storey set up will be handy. I managed to put it together on my own with minimal swearing in about 1hr. The tricky part is rigging up the tubes, hammocks etc once it is together. The big doors help with this. Only down side is that the litter tray only hooks on the bars...with ferrets you need on that can be locked on like the shelves to stop it being pushed about like a hockey puck! The lower cage is used by our for litter / food and water, we are adding a hammock across the full width of the level so they have more play space as the litter tray does not need to be that tall!
27/09/10|Mark Swarbrick
: 4/5
Over all a nice cage, at the begging that rats didn't want to come down the tube to the bottom level but when they did the fun they where having. The caster are good as you can move it aroung easily moveble. The cage is a bit on the flimsy side and rattels around went the rats play.
: 5/5
excellent cage with a few flaws...
my cage came perfectly on time but with a few dints and dings (but that was delivery guys fault), and it was so easy to put up. the accessories that came with it where next to useless for my ferrets, the tubes were too small, same with hammock and litter tray (my two ferrets are fully grown, accessories are perfect for baby and small ferrets, or untill you get new ones),but my two ferrets love it because its HUGE so they can hide there toys and play and still have space for more! a really good buy
26/11/09|Ruby Mulgan
: 5/5
the work
I think that the hamock is cute and as you said it is good for its price. The cage its self is very good because it has a lot of space.