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Hemp Floor for Small Pets

Product description

Hemp Floor for Small Pets 5 13
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40 x 100cm
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Product description

Soft hemp mat for your small pet's home, especially suitable for animals with allergic reactions.
Available in a variety of sizes.

Help your little pet to more well-being with the Hemp Floor from 100% untreated hemp fibres. It is a natural hemp mat that can be cut to size to suit your pet's requirements.
The mats are free from pesticides and chemical additives.
The soft hemp fibre will animate your small pets to cuddle and play. Hemp mats are also a natural nesting material. Small strings of fibre can be pulled out of the mat and used to build a unique, cosy nest.
The dust-free, natural material makes these mats especially suitable for pets with sensitive respiratory systems or allergies. They can even be used after operations, as a helpful underlay for protecting wounds from contamination.

Advantages for your pet:

  • 100 % natural hemp - protection from mite infestation
  • free from pesticides and chemical additives
  • no artificial or chemical scents
  • really soft - encourages playing and nibbling
  • harmless for allergic animals
  • promotes natural nesting and occupation
  • available in a variety of sizes, can easily be further cut to size

Please note on possible side-effects:
Even though hemp fibres are fully digestible, problems with the digestion of hemp fibres may occur in individual cases.


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