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Chipsi Ultra Pet Litter

Product description

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Product description

Chipsi Ultra Pet Litter has a special fine granular structure and is an extremely absorbent, and odour neutralising. It is ideal for small pets, made from treated pine and spruce
Chipsi Ultra pet litter is a highly absorbent, odour neutralising litter. The plant fibre capillaries absorb nasty smells and keep things smelling fresh. The cage remains dry and your home will not have any tell-tale smells. Small pets will appreciate the fresh, natural, perfume free smell.
Chipsi Ultra pet litter is very economical and can be used for longer. The natural plant fibres are very light so you get the same top performance but will use up to two thirds less Chipsi Ultra pet litter compared with other brands.
Thanks to special production methods Chipsi Ultra pet litter is very hygienic and virtually dust and germ-free. A mechanical pre-treatment activates the soft-wood capillaries, and helps to achieve greater homogeneity. After a heating session and drying period, there is a special treatment to remove the dust.

Chipsi Ultra pet litter is compostable and completely biodegradable.

How to use Chipsi Ultra pet litter:

  • Cover the base of the cage with approx. 3 cm deep layer
  • The granule structure fluffs up in the cage and creates a soft, fluffy bed
  • Remove soiled litter regularly, adding mor litter when necessary
  • If nasty odours develop, renew all the litter (the frequency will depend on the species)
  • Made from hardened soft wood from pine and spruce
Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.


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