The Chihuahua is an alert and playful dog. Although particularly intelligent and courageous, the Chihuahua often tends to overestimate itself. Since Chihuahuas are prone to stubbornness, education should start as a puppy. To prevent excessive tartar, we recommend special food and snacks for dental care.
More food especially for the needs of smaller dogs can be found here.
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    2 products

    Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult from 8 months, with high-quality proteins and specially adapted kibble size for optimal food intake, stimulates the appetite of even the fussiest of dogs.

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    Complementary: Royal Canin Breed Wet Chihuahua (24 x 85g)
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    Wholesome food for growing Chihuahua puppies up to the age of 8 months, with selected nutrients for high acceptance and an antioxidant complex with vitamin E, in a tailored protein-rich kibble.

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