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Wolf of Wilderness Philosophy



There are many stories, myths and legends about the wolf, and for many it is an enigmatic, scary creature. The wolf is a highly intelligent animal that prefers to live in packs. It inhabits forests, grasslands and mountainous regions and the size of its hunting territory depends on the food supply. Research into the wolf’s natural feeding habits show that its diet is composed mainly of prey meat. It also includes wild berries, roots and herbs, some of which are absorbed indirectly, via the prey’s stomach contents. The wolf rarely eats carbohydrates in the wild and this diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution.

Our pet dogs are descended from the wolf and despite centuries of domestication, their DNA is still 99% the same as the wolf. We believe that our faithful canine pets deserve a tasty, species-appropriate meal that appeals to its natural instincts and this is why we developed Wolf of the Wilderness, a delicious dog food made using only ingredients that are in keeping with the wolf’s normal eating patterns in its natural environment.

Wolf of Wilderness – Wild and Free

Nutritional concept:

  • 100% grain-free recipes
  • Lots of fresh meat
  • Refined with forest berries, roots and wild herbs
  • Complete food for a balanced nutrition
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for dogs of all breeds
    3 products
    3 products


    Now when you buy selected 12kg bags of Wolf of Wilderness, grain-free dry dog food in a range of varieties all based on the wolf's natural diet, you'll get another 2kg free!

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    28 Varieties from
    NEW: Adult "Crimson Sunset" - Lamb & Goat (12kg + 2kg Free!)
    Was £47.97 Now£39.99 £2.86 / kg
    NEW: Adult "Ruby Midnight" – Beef & Rabbit (12kg + 2kg Free!)
    Was £47.97 Now£39.99 £2.86 / kg
    NEW: Adult "Scarlet Sunrise" - Salmon & Tuna (12kg + 2kg Free!)
    Was £47.97 Now£39.99 £2.86 / kg
    Adult "Deep Seas" - Herring (12kg + 2kg Free!)
    Was £47.97 Now£39.99 £2.86 / kg
    Adult "Great Desert" - Turkey (12kg + 2kg Free!)
    Was £47.97 Now£39.99 £2.86 / kg

    Complete, grain-free food that is tailor-made to be species-appropriate for adult dogs, based on the natural diet of a wolf in the wild and in a range of delicious varieties, in a handy trial pack!

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    5 Varieties from
    Classic Adult "Blue River" - Salmon (400g)
    £1.99 £4.98 / kg
    Classic Adult "Wild Hills" - Duck (400g)
    £1.99 £4.98 / kg
    "The Taste Of Canada" - with Beef & Turkey (300g)
    £1.99 £4.98 / kg
    Soft "Wide Acres" - Chicken (350g)
    £1.99 £5.69 / kg
    Elements "Fiery Volcanoes" - Lamb (300g)
    £1.99 £6.63 / kg

    Now when you buy a selected 1kg bag of Wolf of Wilderness grain-free dry dog food, with a range of diets all based on the wolf's natural diet, you'll get it for a special low price!

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    25 Varieties from
    Adult "Deep Seas" - Herring (1kg)
    Was £3.99 Now£2.99 £2.99 / kg
    Adult "Great Desert" - Turkey (1kg)
    Was £3.99 Now£2.99 £2.99 / kg
    Adult "Green Fields" Lamb (1kg)
    Was £3.99 Now£2.99 £2.99 / kg
    Adult "Wild Hills" Duck (1kg)
    Was £3.99 Now£2.99 £2.99 / kg
    Adult "Sunny Glade" - Venison (1kg)
    Was £3.99 Now£2.99 £2.99 / kg

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