Puppy Training Pads

Puppy pads are the ideal accessory for you if you are housetraining your new pet. The absorbent puppy training pads help to keep your home clean and can be used in transport boxes and crates.


1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products

Savic Puppy Trainer Starter Kit to help your puppy become toilet trained. The set contains a slip-resistant tray made from waterproof plastic, as well as soft, odour-absorbent pads.

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3 Varieties from
Medium (with 7 Pads)
XL (with 7 Pads)
Saver Pack: Medium (with 7 Pads) + 50 Medium Pads
individually priced £26.18
Now £24.79

High-quality insert for the Puppy Trainer, filled with absorbent gel, ideal for puppy house training or for travel crates and carriers. The inserts are quick-drying and help to neutralise odours.

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6 Varieties from
Medium: 50 Pads, 45 x 30cm (L x W)
Large: 50 Pads, 60 x 45cm (L x W)
XL: 30 Pads, 90 x 60cm (L x W)
Saver Pack: Medium (2 x 50 Pads)
individually priced £15.38
Now £14.09
Saver Pack: Large (2 x 50 Pads)
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Extremely absorbent puppy and transport box pads for helping quickly and effectively house train your new pet, with a moisture-impermeable base and sealed edges, available in two different sizes.

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3 Varieties from
7 Pads, 60 x 40cm (L x W)
RRP* £2.99
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Saver Pack: 5 x 7 Pads, 60 x 40cm (L x W)
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10 Pads, 60 x 60cm (L x W)
RRP* £4.99
Our Price £4.79
£0.48 / unit

Hygienic training pads ideal for puppies and older or unwell dogs, soft fleece with a honeycomb structure, filled with an absorbent gel, with a waterproof underside to catch moisture, odour-neutral

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30 x Large Pads: 60 x 45 cm (L x W)
£0.25 / unit

Training pads for puppies for house training, with an innovative activated charcoal layer to protect against smell, a silica gel to trap fluids, with attractive pheromones

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2 Varieties from
Medium: 45 x 30cm, 50 Pads
Large: 60 x 45cm, 50 Pads

Puppy Pads

House-training your puppy has never been simpler!

Puppy pads are the ideal way to housetrain your new puppy, teaching it where to go to the toilet and helping to save both your carpets and your sanity! These absorbent pads keep your home clean and help to teach your new dog how to behave. They are also ideal for putting in a crate, helping to make crate training a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
A puppy pad can also be useful if you are on the move, perfect for popping in a transport box to prevent accidents when on the move. Here at zooplus we offer puppy pads for great prices in a range of different sizes, great for use even as your puppy grows, or if your puppy is particularly large or small to begin with!

Some key features of our selection of puppy pads

Choose from an extensive range of puppy pads available at zooplus, ensuring you - and your floor! - are covered in every situation.

  • Disposable: rather than trying to wash the smell of urine or stool out of blanket after blanket, simply place a puppy pad in your new pet’s crate or bedding area. It works in a similar way to a cat litter tray, offering your dog a place to go to the toilet that does not damage your floor or fill its sleeping area with waste. Once used, these can simply be folded up and thrown away, saving you stress, hassle and time.
  • Extremely absorbent: these puppy pads soak up any moisture, helping to ensure no liquids seep into the floor or onto your pet’s bed. This helps to teach your puppy that it really does make sense to use the pad, as no dog likes finding waste in its bed! Many also feature leak-resistant liners, so that moisture is absorbed no matter how desperately your dog needs to go.
  • Strong: puppies love to destroy things, just for the sheer fun of it! Many of our puppy training pads here at zooplus are rip-resistant, so that even sharp teeth or claws will be no match for these pads, preventing them being destroyed before use or - more unpleasantly - after use!
  • Starter sets: here at zooplus we have even put together starter sets, which include a slip-resistant tray in which to place your puppy pads. This is the ultimate way to help ensure your pet is well trained.

Look no further than zooplus for a great range of top quality puppy products, great for introducing a furry new friend into your home!