Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish

: 5/5
Simpsons Premium 80/20 Mixed recipe was formulated for all breeds of Adult & Senior dogs with human grade protein meat & animal ingredients (80%) fruit, vegetables and botanicals (20%) and 0% grains....further information
Product description
Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish
Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish
Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish
Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish
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Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish

- 12kg

RRP* £79.95
Our Price £69.99
£5.83 / kg

Product description

Simpsons Premium 80/20 Mixed recipe was formulated for all breeds of Adult & Senior dogs with human grade protein meat & animal ingredients (80%) fruit, vegetables and botanicals (20%) and 0% grains.

A natural hypo-allergenic dog food and the UK's first 80/20 produced range of foods proudly produced in North West of England. 80:20 means the food contains 80% meat products (Chicken,Fish,Turkey), 20% vegetables, fruits and natural supplements and 0% grain. Simpsons products have been formulated using only the best quality ingredients and are grain free, free from wheat gluten, dairy and soya products. The high meat content is of the highest standard and comes from both fresh and dry sources.
Many health problems can be attributed to a poor quality diet such as skin allergies,dietary intolerance, obesity, diabetes, and digestive problems. Feeding a premium grain free quality diet such as Simpsons may help reduce these risks.

Simpsons Premium 80/20 Mixed - Meat & Fish at a glance:

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Holistic and natural dog food
  • No cereals
  • High meat content
  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Human grade meat and fish sourced in the UK
  • Highly digestible ingredients meaning less to feed - very economical
  • Contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, prebiotics, and cranberries


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Deboned chicken(27%), dried chicken(16%), deboned salmon(13%), sweet potato, potato, dried white fish(7%), dried salmon(5%), dried turkey(4%), chicken fat(2%), chicken gravy(2%), dried whole egg(2%), deboned white fish(2%), pea fibre, lucerne, minerals, vitamins, dried apple, dried carrot, spinach, dried seaweed, dried cranberry, prebiotic FOS, aniseed, fenugreek, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, thyme, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage.
Analytical Constituents:
Protein 38%, Oil 18%, Fibre 3%, Ash 10.5%, Calcium 2.01%, Phosphorous 1.62%, Omega 6 2.53%, Omega 3 1.93%.

Analytical constituents

protein38.0 %
fat18.0 %
fibre3.0 %
ash10.5 %
calcium2.01 %
phosphorus1.62 %
omega-3 fats1.93 %
omega-6 fats2.53 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation per dog in g/day:

Dog's Weight Less Active dog Active Dog
1 - 5 kg 40-75 75-100
5 - 10 kg 75 - 115 100 - 150
10 - 20 kg 115-200 150-275
20 - 30 kg 200-275 275-350
30 - 50 kg 275 - 400 350 - 450
50kg+ 400+ 450+

As each dog is different, feeding requirements vary with size, environment, age and activity. Monitor your dog's weight and adjust rations as needed. Feed twice daily and always keep fresh, clean water available.


Simpsons Premium 80/20 Adult Dog - Mixed Meat & Fish
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06/09/21|Colin D
: 5/5
First Class Food
Been struggling to get a quality kibble that agrees,with my cocker for a while. Tried various premium brands but all have caused loose stools and a lack of interest. This however is great, firm stools within days and every bowl is eaten early. Can't recommend highly enough
29/01/21|Laura linskey
: 5/5
Perfect food for my high energy vizsla
Struggled for a long time to find a food for my 1 year old vizsla. Being high energy she would struggle to keep the weight on with other foods I tried. Simpsons food has been the answer she's been on it about 10 months now lovely shiny coat and most importantly she is maintaining her weight. My 5 year old retreiver is on this food also and her coat is stunning on this food as well as maintaining her weight well. They are always excited for their food and always finish it.
15/10/20|Heather Darvill-Urquhart
: 5/5
Excellent 80/20 dog food with no cereal
This is one of the best 80/20 dog foods on the market and very reasonably priced. I've been using AATU but it is so expensive and my 2 collies (2 & 12) have been on this food for some months now. Poos are very good, firm & easy to pick up, not sloppy like some foods make them! Also added glucosamine condroitin a bonus. All in all excellent or I wouldn't keep buying!!
09/07/20|Sam Andrew
: 5/5
very happy pup!!
After much research I'm so glad I tried this for my young lab. She scoffs it down (although most labs will scoff anything!) but it suits her well, her coat, teeth and overall health is excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend. If I was not so squeamish, ideally I would feed her on a raw diet, this to me is a good compromise.
27/05/20|Dog Lover
: 5/5
Our Dog Loves It
Excellent food, no nasties, scores very high on the all about dog food and paws dog food checkers. Our dog loves it, he is a poodle and they are known for being fussy eaters but he isn't at all, he loves it. Highly recommend to any dog owners
09/02/20|G. Warwick
: 5/5
A good quality dog food!
All 3 of my dogs eat this (German Shepherd, Chihuahua, Corgi cross) So the food pellets are the versatile for big and small mouths, which is a winner! To make it more palatable and easier for my dogs to eat, I (sometimes) add a little hot water and leave to cool so the pellets of meat go soft as if eating softer meat. meal. I have good piece if mind knowing I am feeding my dog a good quality food and is a affordable price compared with other 80/20 brands.
: 1/5
Never again
Unfortunately, this dog food, despite positive reviews and high meat content, did not turn out to be a good choice for my labradoodle. He suffered some indigestion and soft poos for a couple of weeks, and when I saw him not adjusting to this kibble completely, I ceased feeding him with it. It might have been due to too high protein content and we experienced similar problems when he was on Carnilove food, which also had very high amounts of protein.
18/10/19|Robert Mitchell
: 5/5
wow, could not be more impressed !
Simpsons have struck a truly remarkable balance between the price and the product quality, making it possible for more dog owners to feed their pets a very high quality kibble, if they start selling Simpsons "T Shirts", then i will be the first to be seen wearing one. Mr R Mitchell (a massive fan)
11/05/19|Sarah Brewer
: 5/5
Like with a lot of dog owners, I have tried mostly all high grade dog kibble, and I can honestly say this particular brand is well worth trying. I have 11 dogs and yes rather costly to feed especially when one trys to give them the best dry food. This is the next best food to the BARF diet. They love it and are looking good on it! I like the fact you can give this kibble to all age groups too from young to old- no separate bags! Well worth the money happy me, happy healthy dogs!
24/01/19|Julia Joyce
: 5/5
Absolutely the best dry dog food
As a dog owner for nearly 40 years I have tried many 'premium' brands, not many of which live up to the advertising. This does. It smells fresh, the dogs enjoy it and look well, it seems easy to digest with a relatively small volume of waste via back end. If this food seems expensive, be assured that it works out to be surprisingly economical due to concentration of nutrients and lack of cheap bulking ingredients common in other brands.
: 5/5
Premium Quality Dog Food
Since my previous brand of dog food stopped listing the actual percentage of meat in it's ingredients, I decided to switch to a brand that I could be sure was mostly meat. Simpsons 80/20 fit the bill, and although quite expensive, I find I need to feed slightly les, so it actually lasts longer and so works out good value. Dog is doing well on it, with good energy, alertness, bright eyes, cold wet nose, and shiny coat.
: 5/5
Can my 10 month old Dogue de Bordeaux have this adult food ?? He’s been on giant RC but developing skin problems
13/09/18|deb t
: 5/5
Very good
Both my dogs had itchy ears and my labradoodle had some blood and mucus in his poo. Since he has been on Simpson’s we don’t have an issue with both dogs ears and stomach problems are rare. They are both ideal weights.
: 5/5
Happy dogs
My dogs love this food even my fussy lurcher
: 5/5
Excellent quality food
I switched to Simpsons after long periods with AATU 80/20 and Applaws. Applaws was giving my staffy soft stools, room-clearing flatulence and was shedding constantly so it was time for a change. He is doing brilliantly on Simpsons mixed meat, with great muscle tone, his fur is soft and glossy and the shedding is reduced. His poops are also small and firm again and his farts are much less offensive! He's alway wolfs it down!
25/04/17|Debra Wildsmith
: 5/5
Just the Best
My German Shepherd has never had stomach problems since he started on Simpsons. I tried many brands but he stayed thin and let's just say the state of my lawn wasn't very pleasant. Then I found Simpsons. The Sensitive range worked well but he wasn't very enthusiastic after a while. However, he has been on the 80/20 mixed meat and fish for a long time and still loves it. The portion required is less than other brands and I finally have my happy healthy GSD; plus the lawn looks good again!
08/02/17|Sarah Hutchison
: 5/5
Best decision I've made
My boxer, until recently, was fed a variety of dry food and tinned meat. I didn't feel she was getting the best out of her food and wanted to switch to a grain free diet. I chose Simpson's 80/20 as it received fab reviews and contains MSM & glucosamine, which I had previously fed as a supplement. She loves it, and she looks great. Her skin and coat are healthy, she has heaps of energy without being off the wall, and the stiffness in her back legs has almost gone. She is far less windy, and her poops are solid, smaller and less frequent. It's also very good value for money as you don't have to feed as much as the cheaper brands. Making the switch to Simpson's was the best decision I made!
: 5/5
They love it!
Aiming to give my active dog an energy boost for his beginners agility, and to get my lazy dog a little trimmer, I decided to give this 80/20 a try. After bracing myself for the cost, I switched them from standard dry food and a bit of meat, to this and a bit of meat. Well both dogs love it, lazy dog has sleeked down a trifle without increased scrounging, and active dog is full of beans, though energy level hard to quantify. It seems to satisfy them with a smaller volume and weight than grain based food, so, while pricy,means it works out not quite as expensive as I thought.
: 5/5
My Dogs favorite
Have tried several dry foods from Zooplus, in fact I currently have this and another leading brand but when I place their food they eat this first and are not interested in the other stuff! My Chihuahua also manages with this food as the pellets are small whereas the other brand has big pellets that are not ideal for smaller dogs (I wish they said this on their packets!). I am sticking to this food, it looks better, smells better and I'm sure my dogs will agree tastes better
: 5/5
Great stuff!
I have four dogs and have always fed them good quality, grain free food. I have studied dog nutrition and this one's ingredients are the best I have come across and my dogs enjoy eating it too which is a added bonus. Their coat condition has improved greatly on this food so I will be sticking with this one.