Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter

: 5/5
Markus-Mühle dry food contains all the important parts of a natural prey, high-quality complete food for every dog, gently cold-pressed, with Acticell Fruit Power - fuel for the cells....further information
Product description
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
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Product description

Markus-Mühle dry food contains all the important parts of a natural prey, high-quality complete food for every dog, gently cold-pressed, with Acticell Fruit Power - fuel for the cells.

More than 1000 positive reviews can't be wrong!
The cold-pressed Markus-Mühle NaturNah dog food is a particularly high-quality complete food for every dog ​​thanks to its special and natural composition. In Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter is power! Markus-Mühle NaturNah dog food was put together by practitioners who are surrounded by many dogs every day. Because dogs should be healthy too. For Markus-Mühle NaturNahfutter all solid ingredients are ground into flour. This optimally improves the availability of the high-quality natural products, the mixing and the cold pressing that is gentle on vital substances.
  • Poultry, game & eggs in food quality provide your dog with particularly high-quality proteins
  • With naturally bound, vital roughage for optimal intestinal care
  • Production in a cold water pressing process that is gentle on vital substances
  • For chewing and for salivating in chunks
  • Always free of animal meal, although this has only been a legal requirement since the year 2000
  • Without vegetable by-products that are difficult to digest such as bran, peels, soy extracts or wheat gluten
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Without chemical color additives, attractants, preservatives
  • No inorganic minerals such as calcium carbonate, stone flour or feed lime

The nutritional specialists at Markus-Mühle have always taken a different approach. They only offer pet food that is based on nature. Their latest innovation: Acticell Fruit Power for the cells a unique natural combination of different fruits that are rich in secondary plant substances. Among other things, these act as antioxidants and thus also act as free radical scavengers to counteract the aging process at the cellular level.

Acticell supports digestion, optimizes feed conversion and strengthens the immune system. The experts developed a unique and exclusively natural combination of vital substances from ten different types of fruit - including pineapple, apples, mango and blueberries. The fruit mix acts like fuel for the cells - and ensures that the dog is optimally supplied with all natural vitamins and other secondary plant substances:
  • Acerola cherries contain a lot of vitamin C and thus strengthen the immune system
  • Apples are known for their high pectin content, which is an important dietary fiber to keep the intestines healthy
  • Bananas the all-rounders with a high content of potassium as an essential mineral as well as important vitamins, carbohydrates and roughage, they are particularly important for generating energy in the cells, controlling electrical processes in nerves and muscles, and activating enzymes
  • Pears like apples, they support intestinal activity and are known for their high mineral content
  • Raspberries contain the important biotin, which is necessary and indispensable for the function and growth of skin, fur and claws
  • Blueberries are high in phenolic acids, flavonoids and other phytochemicals that are particularly important for the health of small blood vessels and vision
  • Carob has antioxidant properties due to flavonoids, gallic acid and glycosides in the pods and thus has a positive effect on digestion
  • Mangos have a positive effect on the pigmentation of the hair coat, the secondary plant substances contained in the mango serve as antioxidants and thus support the body's defenses
  • Papayas like the pineapple, the vital bombs from the tropics contain important enzymes, especially papain, which optimally support protein digestion. Papaya is also known for its digestive effect
The dog emerged over thousands of years as a so-called predator. It fed on berries, herbs, insects, among other things, but mainly on various prey animals, eating not only the meat but also bones, innards, body fluids, tripe, leaf stomach, pre-digested grass, fur, etc. In the natural prey, he found all the substances he needed to develop and stay healthy, something that people unfortunately all too often forget nowadays. The best diet for a dog is still small prey. But that can no longer be practiced everywhere. The idea for this unique dog food came from a well-known veterinarian, the head of a kennel and dog breeders. They wanted to produce a near-natural dog food that contained the most important components of a prey, the result: Markus-Mühle NaturNah dog food.

Animal nutritional analyzes certify that Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter is rich in minerals and has a balanced amino acid ratio for a dog's needs, which is the optimal basis for a healthy diet. Markus-Mühle NaturNahfutter is produced in a family business in the Westerwald using a gentle cold-water pressing process. The lump form of Markus-Mühle NaturNahfutter promotes tooth cleaning, satisfies the need to chew and is thus also sufficiently salivated. In the production of this unique dog food, the following are consistently avoided: beef, pork, preservatives, chemical color additives, vegetable protein extracts, artificial flavorings or attractants, genetically modified components, inorganic minerals.

We recommend a suitable snack: Lupo Natural Schweizer Poulet - Swiss Bone
  •  Cold pressing process to preserve nutrients
  • 100% natural, without gluten & sugar
  • Swiss chicken meat from species-appropriate husbandry
  • Hypoallergenic formula is also suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs

Please note:
In the production of Markus-Mühle dog food, no chemical color additives, attractants, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients are used. The short shelf life of Markus-Mühle dry food of 6 months from the production date proves this fact.



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Ground chicken jerky (28%), ground whole grain corn, ground whole grain rice, ground wild tripe (5%), ground wild bones (5%), beetroot, dried beet pulp, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, moor, fruit mix (consisting of: apple, pear, black currant, acerola, banana, papaya), herbal mixture (consisting of: nettle leaves, horsetail, pansy, marjoram, dandelion), linseed, seaweed, yucca schidigera dried and ground, egg powder (0.50%).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional physiologicaladditives:
Vitamin A (10,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1,000 IU), vitamin E (200 mg), vitamin B1 (3.5mg), vitamin B2 (7mg), vitamin B6 ( 4.2mg), vitamin B12 (42mcg), Biotin (210mcg), Folic Acid (0.35mg), Niacin (21mg), Vitamin C (140mg), pantothenic acid (7mg), choline chloride (1,050mg), manganese as manganese (II) oxide (48mg), copper as copper (II) oxide (10mg), Zinc as zinc oxide (62.5mg), iodine as calcium iodate, anhydrous (1.6mg).

Analytical constituents

protein25.0 %
fat10.5 %
fibre3.3 %
ash7.0 %
calcium1.3 %
phosphorus1.0 %
sodium0.39 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Markus-Mühle NaturNahfutter is a complete feed for dogs.
Dog's weight Serving / a day
2 kg 25 g
5 kg 60 g
7 kg 85 g
10 kg 120 g
15 kg 180 g
20 kg 240 g
25 kg 300 g
30 kg 360 g
35 kg 420 g
40 kg 480 g
45 kg 540 g
50 kg 600 g
60 kg 720 g
70 kg 840 g
80 kg 960 g

The recommended amount of food per day corresponds to approx. 1.2% of the body weight of an animal adult dog.
* The actual feed requirement depends on activity and age of the dog, this information is only a guideline. Fresh water must always be sufficient be available.
* For young dogs, the amount of food is up to 2.5% of their body weight



Markus-Mühle Naturnahfutter
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Customer Photos
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: 5/5
She’s still licking the bowl!
This is the 4th brand of cold pressed I’ve given to my nearly 3yr old Border Jack. It only arrived today and she had it for supper and absolutely loved it. She was still licking the bowl a good few minutes after it was empty and it was a good size portion!
15/06/23|Valerie Pask
: 5/5
My dogs love it. It has got rid of skin problems and excessive smelly wind.
06/05/23|T Dooley
: 3/5
WAS good before they changed the ingredients
I had my older Border Collie on this quite some time ago and he was doing very well on it. As was my youngster. But then, in their wisdom (not) of price-cutting (perhaps), the manufacturers have changed the ingredients to include cheaper 'filler foods' (corn!) and reduced good foodstuffs such as tripe. Not a good move, and you've lost my custom as a result.
: 1/5
Something has changed, no longer good for my dog
I had my greyhound and lurcher on this for years and was doing really well on it. Late last year the greyhound started having constant loose movements. She had blood tests, wormers, giardia test, urine and fecal samples. We supplemented with kefir, probiotics sweet potato. Nothing worked. Until we changed her long standing food and suddenly she was right as rain. Retried her on the mm again and she immediately was ill.
: 5/5
7 years
My labrador and labxweimaraner have been on this diet for 7+ years. Keeps their fur glossy, nails strong and the teeth clean. The hard chunks really are a treat for the teeth. They are also excellent as treats on walks. Other foods have made them bloated or gassy.
23/01/23|Janet nutler
: 1/5
Concerned regarding Hard kibble
I have concerns regarding very hard kibble, This kibble is very hard to break with your hands, So I feel that it's old stock, I have been intouch with zooplus and they are looking into this, I have had 2 deliverys and both are very hard, this kibble should easily be able to break ?
: 5/5
Very happy doggy
Our Rottie cross is absolutely thriving on this. His coat is glossy, his appetite has stabilized (his previous food changed their recipe leaving him ravenous and he was losing weight). And he must enjoy the taste too as some foods he will only eat with added wet food, howeved with this he will eat it regardless. No regrets, absolutely wonderful and reasonably priced. Would love a 20kg bag.
: 5/5
Great food, annoying re-sellers
My Malinois loves this stuff and she looks and behaves great on it. her coat is lovely and she's packing on muscle whilst staying lean. My only annoyance is that resellers buy it in bulk and add on £10 a bag to sell it on the big two online sales platforms. Would be nice if I could reserve/order bimonthly to ensure my dog won't have to change food temporarily
: 5/5
My Fox Red Labrador loves this
I have a Fox Red Lab and he can’t wait for his food. Being a lab they eat mostly anything but on this his coat, teeth, breath are amazing, his poos are firm and easy to pick up. One happy dog.
: 5/5
Dogs love this food
Good quality food, brilliant value, dogs love it. I have three large active dogs who love the food, we feed slightly more than recommended as the dogs are extremely active but it makes them look great and keep them actively lean. Highly recommend
: 5/5
Erik loves it
Erik really like his kibble and cannot wait for his next meal. His poop is always consistent, good colour and never too wet or too dry. His coat is shiny too. Overall very good cost benefit.
18/03/22|Rosalind Smith
: 5/5
Just received first order of cold pressed food and my dogs could smell the food through the box and were very excited. Early days, but they love it and I am so keen to be able to afford this product as most cold pressed food is too expensive. Price is excellent as are ingredients. Other varieties are available too, so will review as we go along. Thankyou
24/02/22|Mum of 3 🐻🐺🐶
: 4/5
Best dried dog food on the planet
Been using this good for over 3 years now. My 10 year old babies are really healthy and happy on it. No gas, well formed, reduced poops, pleasant enough breath 😉 Can't recommend it enough!
: 5/5
My Dog love this food
I can’t recommend this food enough my 13 month old Cockerpoo was not agreeing with his adult food at all. Within a few weeks of gradually introducing this food as recommended by my sister whose springer has eaten this for the last 7 years. I noticed a huge difference, not just in his poo’s. But he was excited again for dinner time and he was so much happier in himself. He definitely has a spring in his step now. This food is awesome, I highly recommend it!
: 2/5
Pieces too big, feed more than guide
Used this for a few months and I'm conflicted. My dog loves it, and in many ways it seems to be good for him. But I have a few big issues with it. Firstly, the big pieces are just too big. My dog isn't small, he's 21kg and about the height of a lab. But he doesn't chew them, and I found he was being regularly sick. The minis are great but work out too expensive - why so much more? Second point is that the feeding guide is WAY off. Need to feed him about double what it says to maintain weight.
: 5/5
Dog loves it
After feeding different kibbles, raw and wet food nothing settled our girls tummy like this. Another plus is that she eats it, because she can be really picky with food.
30/08/21|Chelsea Lowe
: 5/5
Great stuff
My dogs would previously pick at their food, this isn't a problem anymore! They love it, we can actually use this kibble as training treats too. I will add that th pieces are quite large, but my chihuahua can still manage them.
: 5/5
3 rescue Lurchers love it
Recently rescued a Lurcher pup with awful skin after having fleas, worms, mites & his coat was bare & skin was covered in sores. After worming, de-fleaing etc he was still so itchy so put him onto this food that my other two were on & he has improved 99%. A month in & he is a scruffy happy puppy, all 3 love this food, with firm poos & from Zooplus you pay a good price.
13/05/21|Tolga ATALAY
: 5/5
Our dogs love this food
Hi we have 3 staffies and cairn terrier and they were never keen to other dog foods. we use to add meat to their food to temp them to eat. We don't have any problem with Marcus Muhle. They love it, just the kibble and no more fuss. No more nasty smells either..we recomend..
04/05/21|lee thomas
: 5/5
MM Natural kibble
This is the Best Kibble on the market and the nearest you will get to feeding your dog a totally natural feed through kibble, and a lot cleaner than meat. can't rate it highly enough