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Dog Rocks ®

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Product description

Original Dog Rocks - the safe and natural way to help stop nasty brown urine burn stains. Put the stones in your dog's drinking water to reduce the nitrate content.
Dog owners will recognise those ugly, dead patches on the lawn where your pet has marked its territory or done its business and the grass has scorched and turned yellow. Original Dog Rocks® put an end to lawns ruined with ugly urine burn. Simply place the natural stones in your pet's water bowl to purify the water. The nitrate content in your dog's urine will be reduced and less harmful to your lovely green lawn.

Dog Rocks is a completely natural mineral product, mined in Australia.

How do these rocks work? They work by eliminating harmful trace elements including nitrates. Dogs produce nitrates as a by-product of the protein in their diet. These nitrates are expelled in the urine and unfortunately, if the levels of nitrates are high the urine will scorch the grass.

Your dog's drinking water also contains impurities and Dog Rocks act as a water purifying agent. The active components in the rocks help to purify and remove some of harmful trace elements, providing your dog with a cleaner source of water. Cleaner water lowers the nitrate content of the urine and helps to stop nasty burnt patches on your law. Dog Rocks are a 100% Natural Australian product and will not break down or leech into your pet's drinking water. They are completely safe to use.

Dog Rocks come in an ecologically friendly pack, made from recycled material.

How to use Dog Rocks natural stones:

  • Wash the Dog Rocks thoroughly under running water to remove any dust.
  • Place the entire pack of Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl, if you have more than one water bowl, you will need another whole pack of Dog Rocks, each water supply should have one entire pack of Dog Rocks in it. One pack is sufficient for use in one drinking bowl and Dog Rocks® work best if replaced every two months. You will find a handy diary sticker in the packet to remind you when to change the Dog Rocks.
  • Your dog should only drink water from the bowl with rocks. If it drinks from other sources such as ponds, toilets, swimming pools etc. it will have a negative effect on the results.
  • For best results, refresh the water at night every two to three days and top up at night in between.

Please note: The Dog Rocks Natural stones will not bring dead lawns back to life but it should help to prevent new scorched patches. You must replace your Dog Rocks every two months.
Dogs with extremely high protein diets or those which consume high protein treats on a daily basis may not get the full benefit of Dog Rocks.


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