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Dog Boots

Dog boots & dog shoes are recommended for the cold season to prevent injuries from sharp ice and stones. or to prevent injuries of your dogs' feet and to let existing injuries heal. Salt also can increase the pain for your dog and additionally make an injury difficult to cure but Boots for your dog are ideal to keep salt and dirt out. Here you will find dog boots, which are ideal paw protectors for the feet of your dog.

See below our range of Dog footwear in a range of sizes and easy to use fasteners.

    2 products
    2 products

    Dog Boots

    Smart looking set of 4 protective dog boots, made from faux leather and polyester, with anti-slip profile and reflective Velcro fastening. A great way to protect your dog's paws. Colour: black

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    Size L (5)
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    Size XL (6)
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    Size XXL (7)
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    Pair of functional boots for dogs, ideal for protecting paws on long outings, suitable for rough terrain, in winter or to protect injured paws, breathable material, Vibram® soles with non-slip tread

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    1 Varieties from
    Paw Width 70mm (2 boots)

    Dog Boots

    Ultimate Paw Protection

    Dog boots can be an indispensable item for your pet, as they offer various forms of protection. Here are some helpful tips to bear in mind when choosing dog shoes:


    Grab a tape measure and carefully measure the widest point of your dog's paw - make sure you measure while your dog is standing, as your dog's feet tend to spread out when standing! This is an essential step to ensure the best fit for your dog. There is a chance that the width of your dog's paw may fall between two sizes; in this case, go one size up to get the most comfortable fit. You will also need to measure up your dog's leg to get the correct boot length. Many of our selection of dog boots offer sizes from XS-XXL, so whether you are kitting out a Pug or Labrador, we have got you covered.


    Ideally, your dog shoes should offer a balance between comfort and durability. Most are made from breathable materials, which can also be water-resistant to keep your dog's paws dry. You should also ensure that the lining of the dog boots are soft and offer comfort. Rubber soles give your dog more traction and many dog shoes have non-slip grips attached.

    The purpose of dog shoes:

    Winter: With the ice and snow, your dog could easily slip over. Investing in dog boots protects your dog's paws against the cold and also minimises chances of your dog slipping. You may also want to consider one of our winter dog coats to keep your pup warm and dry on chillier days.
    Sport: Sporty dogs always seem to be dashing from once place to the next, which can damage your dog's paws. Dog boots stay secure when your dog is running and offer protection when covering rough or uneven terrain.
    Injury: Keeping any injuries clean and dry on a dog's paw can be a bit of a nightmare! Dog shoes keep any dirt out and let wounds heal, while also stopping your dog from licking their injured paw.

    View the complete range of Dog Boots below::

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