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Litter Box Rug - Soft Touch Track Mat

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Litter Box Rug - Soft Touch Track Mat 4 22
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Product description

This litter box rug keeps litter off of your good floors - easy to use, simple to clean, saves litter. Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 2 cm (L x W x H)
What cat owner has experienced it? - your cat steps out of the litter box and leaves litter particles on the rug, the tile, or on your parquetry floor.

Soft Touch Trac Mat is an innovative, well-designed litter box rug.

It consist of a plastic tray with 2cm high border, inside of which there is a grid made of plastic - very comfortable for sensitive cat paws. Simply place the Soft Touch Tract Mat in front of the litter box. When your cat finishes her business, she must walk over the grid and lose stray litter - the litter falls through the grid into the tray - keeping your floors clean.

To clean, simply lift the grid up by its grips and let the stray litter in the tray fall back into the litter box.


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