Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter

: 4/5
Clumping cat litter, quality from Germany with extra fine grain. 4 times more absorbent than traditional cat litter, virtually dust-free, gentle on paws....further information
Product description
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter
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Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter

- 14l

£0.84 / l

Product description

Clumping cat litter, quality from Germany with extra fine grain. 4 times more absorbent than traditional cat litter, virtually dust-free, gentle on paws.

Biokat's Micro is an efficient cat litter and 1 litre of Biokat's Micro binds at least 3 litres of liquid. Gimborn House cat litter is highly economical and an absolute must for thrifty cat owners who value quality over quantity. The litter forms lumps, making it even more efficient. And despite its fine grain content, this cat litter is virtually dust-free!

Biokat's Micro, as with all Biokat's cat litter products, stands for top quality: only the best materials for Micro!

Biokat's Micro Classic Cat Litter at a glance:

  • 1 litre Biokat's Micro binds at least litres of liquid
  • 300% absorbency
  • Extra fine grain
  • Binds together many bad odours
  • Virtually dust-free (99.8%)
  • Gentle on pets' paws
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Made in Germany
Biokat's Micro is made in Bavaria, Germany.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5

Best cat litter I've tried

I've been using this litter for years. It clumps well, has no strong smell and only ever so slightly dusts. It is very fine and scatters easily, but I gladly put up with it because it clumps so well. Very happy with this product and definitely recommend it!
: 5/5

Happy cat

I ordered this product when I could't get the Tigerino litter that I usually bought but this is a better product and my cat is really comfortable with it.
25/06/22 | Karolina Anna Partyka
: 5/5

The best

Absolutely the best for me. I don't like new packaging,, it's broken very often.
20/04/22 | Barbara
: 5/5

Top of All Clumping Litters

I have used clumping litter for 15 years now and gone through a few different 'favourites'. Now we only use BioKat. I don't know why BioKats doesn't have an overall 5 star rating because we find it awesome. It clumps much quicker than other brands I've tried. If you fill your litter box nice and deep then the pee hardly ever gets to the bottom - makes it super easy to scoop out. It is also the best odour suppressant. Highly recommended.
29/03/22 | Anita McDonnell
: 2/5

Not dust free

Bought especially as it claimed to be dust free but this latest batch is VERY dusty and made my poor cat cough and wretch. Have had to buy a different make. May have just been a one off but couldn’t risk using the other bag and discarded half of the first one. A big waste.
26/01/22 | David Tapp
: 5/5

The best!

Clumping cat litter is the only way to go: it's easy to clean up the litter tray, odour-free, saves money because you only throw away what's been used, no need for tray liners. Biokat's micro cat litter is the best clumping cat litter I've used.
25/01/22 | Alan
: 5/5

Best clumping litter

The best clumping litter without a doubt. Have tried any over 7 years of owning cats. Clumps the best.
15/01/22 | Matias
: 4/5

The one I keep going back to... Almost perfect!

My cat, even tho he is 3 years old now, probably because he is indoor, still prefers this micro litter. - Over time I have learned that it does not last the advertised 60 days unless your litter box is open, or else it'll smell past 15-20 days. - You need to have it 2-3 inches deep (a bit more than other clays) so it become muddy in the bottom. - Wait 15-20m for it to lump up. - there is dust at the bottom of the bag, dispose of it. - Works REALLY well with the Active Pearls.
19/12/21 | Suzanne lowth
: 3/5

Very dusty

Have used many litters, biokats, golden grey, tigerino etc, came back to biokats as its cheaper, virtually dust free 🤔 mine gives off huge clouds of dust, when raking it over you can see a grey cloud rising up from the tray, anything in the room, my pc keyboard has grey dust over it, lift up the food mats you can see the grey dust all around them it's awful, filling up is even worse you can wipe the dust off the blind slats in the window, will have to go back to another litter.
23/08/21 | Claire
: 1/5

Doesn't mask odour

I usually use tigerino baby powder but thought I'd try this as tigerino is getting expensive. Well I wish I hadn't. Gave litter boxes a good clean yesterday and today all I can smell is cat urine. It doesn't mask the smell. Definitely a no from me!
20/03/21 | Rachel Downton
: 3/5

Not suitable for my cat & sticks to tray

I have to say, for my cat this little really wasn't good. She kicks it a lot, and it goes absolutely everywhere. It does clump like it says, but it also sticks like cement to the litter tray so trying to get it off is a mission itself. I would have given it less stars but it might be perfect for a cat who doesn't pee much and doesn't kick littler everywhere so trying to be positive!
02/03/21 | Christine
: 5/5

Just Great.

I wouldn't use anything else now, just fantastic. It doesn't stick to the bottom of the tray and it clumps perfectly, what more could I want from a cat litter.
01/03/21 | Julia
: 5/5

New go to litter

This ones absolutely been the best so far, super easy to clean and keeps the stinky smells away. Clumbs can crumble a bit sometimes but I always have a smallgrid scoop on hand for that.
25/01/21 | Andrea
: 1/5

Broken package

I'm happy they're now packing their litter without plastic. However, the item arrived completelly destroyed and all the sand was all over the delivery box
16/01/21 | Peter ioann
: 5/5

People Not Using it Correctly!

This is by far the best cat litter on the market. Had plenty of cats over the years and never found a cat litter like this one. I actually wrote to Biokat in Germany, thanking them. A brilliant product IF used correctly. Read the instructions. There is a right way and a wrong way.
16/12/20 | Julie whitworth
: 1/5


I read reviews about this and thought it was good but this stuff is awful. I am so disappointed and now have 3 bags of it I will not use. It is totally disgusting, sticks to your cats hair, clumps in their paws and makes them feel so uncomfortable. It leaves muddy clay marks everywhere and my cat even started going outside of the litter tray. One bag did not even last a week as I had to change it so often. If people have written good reviews they must not care about their cat.
03/08/20 | Bea
: 5/5

Best of the range

Having tried the Classic 3 in 1 and Diamond Care varieties, as well as a few other brands, I am sticking with the Micro. It has the best clumping power (as long as you pile it at least a couple of inches deep in the litter box), very little tracking, a reasonably-low amount of dust, and it does last a very, very long time. The Diamond Care range seems a tad better in terms of odour control, but this has never been an issue for me. I have just one cat, and clean the box 3+ times a day.
22/07/20 | Boncuk
: 4/5


It’s good an affordable. Clumping is ok. But while we using this litter, I noticed my cat's coat started to smell a bit funny, like he needs a bath. After I changed his litter to biokats diamond classic his smell turned to normal, no smell.
16/01/20 | Sarah
: 4/5

Good quality and affordable

I have two cats and we get through a lot of cat little as I like to ensure they're well hydrated. I've tried lots of clay brands and this is my favourite. It clumps well. It's not very dusty and I'm pretty sure the cats like that it's fine not big chunks of clay. Yes, it tracks a bit (all clay does) and the clumps can break a part if you scoop.too soon after the cats use it. However I can't find better quality litter for the price!
05/08/19 | Anne
: 5/5

Both cats use this happily

Both my cats use and like this litter, which is amazing as one of my cats is extremely fussy/stubborn about his litter! It masks odour well and clumps brilliantly and very neatly, meaning that it is very easy to clean out. It does track a bit but is easy to sweep or hoover up.