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Biokat's Diamond Care Vet Line Attracting & Calming

Product description

Biokat's Diamond Care Vet Line Attracting & Calming 4 9
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Product description

Highly absorbent clumping litter, 100% bentonite, scent specifically for cats, has an attractive and calming effect, 99% dust-free, with active carbon, effectively absorbs smells, forms solid clumps
Stress can be caused by many different factors and can be manifested in various ways, for example, cats not using their litter tray anymore. In some cases, Biokat's Diamond Care Vet Line Attracting & Calming can be of help. It is a fine, clumping litter with a scent that is attractive and calming to cats specifically. This Biokat litter is also a great choice for kittens that are just learning to use the litter tray.

The litter is made from bentonite and forms flat, solid clumps which can easily be removed with a litter scoop. The litter is almost completely dust free so is suitable for cats with sensitivities to dust. Biokat´s Diamond Care Attracting & Calming contains natural active carbon which is produced from coconut shells and effectively binds bad odours. 

Biokat's Diamond Care Vet Line Attracting & Calming at a glance:
  • Fine, clumping cat litter 
  • 100% bentonite
  • With a scent specifically designed for cats: has an enticing and calming effect on most cats, can help your cat to find the litter tray in stressful situations
  • Aids house-training: the scent can help kittens to get used to using the litter tray
  • Very effective odour control: contains natural active carbon from coconut shells which binds bad smells
  • 99% dust free: also suitable for cats with sensitivities to dust
  • Flat, solid clumps: easy to remove, makes cleaning the litter tray straightforward 
  • Long duration: up to 54 days
  • Recommended by vets



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