02/27/22 | Terri Seaton

This litter has restored my sanity

Continued: Have to say I have mixed various litters with other 'attractents' as an additive but no where near as good a result. This product is so outstanding I have recommended it repeatedly on various cat social media sites.

02/27/22 | Terri Seaton

This litter has restored my sanity

Expensive to buy but economical to use. I have 4 cats and two large litter trays & only need to do a complete change once a week. No smell, clumps well but is heavy to handle. Entirely stopped my cats from weeing outside the litter tray. Once they'd broken the habit I changed litters but had to revert back to this to keep the house clean and smelling nice. Perfect. Only trouble is they love it so much they play in it when freshly changed and on these occasions scoop it out of the box! Sweeps up

01/18/22 | Michelle Jardine

This litter has saved my carpets (and my sanity)

I have an elderly diabetic cat who suddenly refused to use the cat flap and was peeing on the carpets in several rooms. Although there were 2 litter trays always available, he ignored them and I had to resort to escorting him outside every few hours (day & night) to pee. Utterly exhausting. As soon as this litter went down he started using the trays. Wholeheartedly recommend this product for older outdoor cats struggling to learn to use a litter tray.

12/22/21 | Caroline

Anxious CH kitty approved!

My little boy has CH & doesn’t like using litter. He also came from an animal hoarding situation so has some behaviour issues. We’ve been using puppy pads since he arrived 18mths ago. This was recommended this & we gave it a go - initially in a shallow tray in one of his “usual” puppy pad corners. Success! Then tried in a higher sided tray next to one of his other spots…also success! So much so the other 4 cats also love it. Shame zooplus upped the price & removed saver multipack.


The worst I’ve ever used!

Definitely wouldn’t recommend this cat litter! It’s a stodgy, wet, clumpy mess & it’s that heavy it gets stuck to the bottom of the litter tray & it broke the litter scoop! It also smells horrible. Only good thing it doesn’t trail outside the box on the cats paws.


No more accidents

My car had a tendency to pee outside of his box before I got this. No more « accidents » since.


Best product ever

Cats really like it. No odor whatsoever. Easy to use.

03/15/21 | Ro Stewart

A miracle

I bought this with my usual scepticism, but living in hope nevertheless. My 12 year-old Bengal has always had a tricky relationship with litter trays and the recent arrival of a new cat in the neighbourhood had really upset her, so she was peeing on the floor every day. As soon as I introduced this litter, she just started using it with no fuss or bother and although it’s only been a week, there haven’t been any ‘accidents’. Fingers crossed this continues, making it worth every penny.

02/24/21 | Susanna Alford

Initially looked fine

This initially looked fine, my 4 cats preferred it to the biodegradable I normally use but it lasted no time at all, within a week it was all but gone making it very expensive. Will not be buying again.

11/28/20 | Christine


Recently moved house and had an issue with one of our cats peeing downstairs. As soon as we started using this the peeing stopped. Easy to clean and no smell. Would recommend highly.

11/12/20 | Olivia

Kitten loves it

Tried a variety of litters for my now 5 month old kitten and this is by far her favourite. She likes it so much she goes and plays in the fresh litter when its changed! Never had any accidents, clumps well, easy to clean, no dust, large volume and lasts forever. Does occasionally clump on damp claws or tracks out the box but no more than any other litter used so far.

11/03/20 | Elena

Really works!

I had a problem with one of my kitty peeing outside of the litter box. As soon as I’ve put the litter in to the box my kitty went straight in to it! No issues since I’ve been using it! Traps odours and it clumps well. I will definitely using this litter from now on.