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Cat Harnesses

Cat harnesses provide a great alternative to cat collars, allowing you to even walk safely with your cat outdoors without carrying him or her. Cat harnesses fit around your cat's legs for a snug yet comfortable fit and often include a matching cat leash.

Cat Harnesses:

Trixie Cat Harness with Lead

2.99 2.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £5.99
Our Price  £2.99
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Trixie Cat Car Harness

3.49 3.49 GBP 1
RRP*  £7.99
Our Price  £3.49
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HUNTER Puppy & Kitten Harness + Lead - Pink Signs

3.99 3.99 GBP 1
Pink: up to 37cm Chest Measurement
RRP*  £9.49
Our Price  £3.99
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Trixie XCat XL Harness with Lead and Exclusive Stickers

7.99 7.99 GBP 1
RRP*  £17.99
Our Price  £7.99
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Cat Harnesses

A great range of cat harnesses, leads and car harnesses

It is not only dogs that can benefit from a harness - explore our great range of cat harnesses for your feline friends as well! Here at zooplus we offer a range of cat harnesses for every occasion, in fun and practical designs. Many of our cat harnesses also come with a lead included, making it easier to walk around with your cat without the need to carry it. This is ideal, for example, if your cat is not a fan of a carrier but needs to visit the vets. Cat harnesses can also be installed in cars, again for cats that are uncomfortable in carriers, as they offer security and safety.

Another great benefit of cat harnesses is with early training of kittens. Of course, our pets are happiest when they are allowed to freely roam and explore their surroundings, but this is not always practical, particularly when they are only young and have not yet learned the dangers of the world outside! A cat harness offers your kitten the chance to explore without restriction but under your watchful eye. A harness is ideal as it does not place unnecessary strain or pressure on the neck, instead spreading any pressure and making for a much more comfortable walk. Our harnesses can be adjusted to fit and are a great way to introduce you cat to the world of walking!

Our Selection of Cat Harnesses

Browse the varied range of cat harnesses at zooplus:
  • Kitten harnesses: Introduce your kitten to the world in a safe and secure way with a kitten harness from well-known names such as Hunter. Kitten harnesses are perfect for keeping your kitten close but comfortable, as well as assisting early training. Many of our kitten harnesses come with a lead included, so you can instantly begin getting your cat used to a harness and lead whilst also being able to move fairly freely.
  • Cat harnesses: It is not only young kittens that can benefit from the use of a cat harness. They are ideal for adult cats as well, great for getting indoor-living cats out and about and increasing their exercise levels. Cat harnesses are ideal, as they are comfortable and practical for both you and your cat, allowing your feline friend to roam at its natural pace with any stress spread throughout the shoulders and chest rather than around the neck as is the case with a collar. Why not try a cat harness and lead set? They are the ideal way to improve your cat’s overall health whilst ensuring constant safety and comfort. Extendable cat leads are also ideal, as they allow a little extra freedom for your cat to explore! You can also jazz up your cat harness with sophisticated sticker sets, to ensure your feline is the most stylish cat in town!
  • Car cat harnesses: From time to time, your cat will naturally have to set foot in a car, whether that be for a longer journey or just a quick trip to the vets. Either way, safety is paramount, which is where a car cat harness can prove invaluable. A car cat harness simply fastens into the car’s seat belt fastenings and the short lead prevents your cat from roaming too far and falling around during movement. Once you are out of the car, a longer lead could also be attached to the car cat harnesses, making it practical as well as safe.

For when your cat is not in its harness, why not choose from our selection of cat collars? We offer style and practicality, with everything from reflective collars to collars with address tags to collars with handy bells! You’re bound to find something you and your cat will love.

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