Simon's Cat Collar

: 2/5
Decorative, robust nylon collar with Simon Cat's logo, attachments and motif, with a small bell and a D-ring for attaching a lead, fully adjustable and with a safety closure....further information
Product description
Simon's Cat Collar
Simon's Cat Collar
Simon's Cat Collar
Simon's Cat Collar
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Product description

Decorative, robust nylon collar with Simon Cat's logo, attachments and motif, with a small bell and a D-ring for attaching a lead, fully adjustable and with a safety closure.

Fans of Simon's Cat may see glimpses of their own cats in the fun, witty comic characters, and now you can add a great accessory to reflect that - the Simon's Cat Collar! It fits completely in with the style and makes an eye-catching addition to your cat and your home. 
safety closure on the Simon's Cat Collar ensures that the collar pops open automatically if your cat gets caught on anything. The Simon's Cat Collar is fully adjustable. It has the Simon's Cat logo as well as a collar attachment and a fun motif all the way around. This collar is particularly robust, perfect for cats that are as adventurous as Simon's Cat!

Simon's Cat Collar at a glance:

  • Cute collar for cats
  • Fun comic design: with Simon's Cat logo on the closure, as well as attachment and motif
  • Made from nylon: durable material
  • Fully adjustable: can be easily adapted to fit your cat's neck circumference
  • Safety closure: opens if your cat gets caught on anything, to prevent strangulation
  • Small bell
  • D-ring to attach to a cat's lead (not included)
  • Closure type: plug style
  • Closure material: plastic
  • Material: 
    • Collar: 100% polyester
    • D-ring: metal
    • Buckle: plastic
  • Colour: grey/white
  • Size: neck circumference 20-30cm, width 10mm

Simon Tofield, an English animator, created the charming and mischievous cartoon character Simon's Cat, inspired by the antics of his own four cats.


Simon's Cat Collar
: 2/5
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: 3/5
Easily lost after a few months
After just a few months, the plastic became weak and my cat just lost it somewhere while being out.
29/08/22|Rebecca Sayce
: 2/5
Coller easy come of in a day 5 times then read reviews stated that you can adjust mechanism so done this so hopefully will b ok !
19/05/22|Paula Brown
: 1/5
Don’t waste your money
This was a complete waste of money and she lost it within days of putting it on. Whilst I appreciate cat collars need to be easy release this was taking it to the extreme.
07/05/22|Penny Wright
: 2/5
lost within 24 hours
i know the safety catch is there to prevent the cat from suffocating or being caught somewhere, but should fake a good tug at least to open. I purchase this as i'm a fan of Simons cat. attached an indentification tag and several bells and let Kali out. when she came back an hour later collarless was very annoyed and unable to hunt for it in the rain and being unwell. surely it shoud have lasted longer? that was my last set of bells and engrave identitags.
25/04/22|Taflyn Pearson
: 1/5
I was very disappointed with this collar.
My cat doesn't keep it on for more than 10 minutes - all he has to do is turn funny and it falls off! OK - that may be a slight exaggeration - but it really is a rubbish collar as the easy detach mechanism is WAY too sensitive.
23/04/22|Tanya Marshall
: 5/5
Brilliant !!
Previous reviews are saying the clasp is terrible. If you look behind the clasp when it is closed, there is a small plastic square that has a textured top, it slides across to stop it releasing so easily without endangering the cat
: 1/5
All round poor
My cat doesn’t excessively scratch but the collar is fallen apart and I actually had the reverse of the issues on here the clasp was far too hard to remove definitely not a safety latch
05/08/21|Dove’s Dad
: 1/5
Safety closure releases far too easily
Nice quality but collar releases far too easily for our long haired floof. When he is tending to an itch or has light play, collar falls off. Have given up on playing “hunt the collar” 3 times a day.
: 1/5
Looks nice but terrible clasp
The clasp is either so loose that it comes off every time the cat moves, or done up so securely it would never come off as a ‘quick release’ if the collar ever got caught on something. Went in the bin after only one day of attempted use.
: 2/5
Lost after 1 day
Nice looking collar for boy or girl, but the clasp comes open to easily and was lost after just 1 day.
: 1/5
Very poor quality
The collar fabric started to loose threads from the day after, very poor quality. Lasted a couple of weeks only and then it was in tatter.
: 1/5
very bad
very bad quality, the collar kept shrinking and became overly tight, dangerous for the cat, it soon became too small and unusable
: 1/5
This collar is not very good and comes open too easily and makes the collar fall off. No good for my cat
: 1/5
Too loose
My cat was able to take this off in 30 seconds, it never made it outside. The release mechanism works too easily. Get an alternative collar.
: 3/5
Nice BUT...
Very nice looking collar. My cat has had it on 2 weeks and the decoration has started to come off - but more importantly the clasp has got loser and loser, so it now just drops off him if he even shakes his head. Fortunately I bought 5 so I can replace - but should last longer than 2 weeks. My local bargain store one lasted longer.
: 5/5
Very nice, bright collar
Look great on my kitty - really nice looking and good quality. I'm very happy with my purchase!
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