Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack

8 x 85g
: 3/5
The mixed pack contains 4 different varieties of Lily’s Kitchen in trays. These grain free recipes are both succulent & tasty, prepared with meat & salmon oil. Formerly Lily's Kitchen Everyday Favourites....further information
Product description
Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack
Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack
Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack
Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack
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Product description

The mixed pack contains 4 different varieties of Lily’s Kitchen in trays. These grain free recipes are both succulent & tasty, prepared with meat & salmon oil. Formerly Lily's Kitchen Everyday Favourites.

Please note that Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack was formerly know as Everyday Favourites.

Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack includes a range of different delicious varieties of Lily’s Kitchen food. Everything that comes from Lily’s Kitchen tastes just like it was home-made, and each of these cat food trays is made from the best ingredients, to help your cat to stay healthy and happy. Each recipe includes 65% freshly prepared meat and offal from chicken, duck, turkey, lamb, venison or pork. Some of the varieties in this mixed pack are single-protein foods, whilst others offer a tasty combination of different flavours. When you offer your cat any of these moist cat foods, you can be sure that you are also giving your pet lots of delicious flavours, and plenty of essential amino-acids. Lily’s Kitchen cat food is grain free and gluten free, making the succulent foods easy for cats to digest, even if they have food intolerances or allergies.

Lily's Kitchen wet cat food trays are complete and balanced meals, with the addition of salmon oil and chelated minerals, to ensure that your cat consumes all of the essential nutrients that it needs to stay happy and healthy. Added taurine helps to boost eyesight and heart function.

Lily’s Kitchen moist cat food contains no meat meal or animal derivatives, nothing Genetically Modified, no artificial preservatives, colours, taste enhancers or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya. Lily's Kitchen only use wholesome meats, fruit and vegetables to produce a delicious, digestible food for your cat.

Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack – 8 x 85g at a glance:

  • Mixed pack with 2 x 4 different varieties of high-quality Lily’s Kitchen wet cat food for adult cats
  • Grain free: can be fed to cats that have allergies or food intolerances
  • Varied flavours: 4 different varieties with a mixture of chicken, duck, turkey, lamb, venison or pork
  • 65% fresh meat: high in essential animal proteins, with premium muscle meat and nutritious offal
  • Balanced nutrient profile: with vitamins and chelated minerals for all-round nutrition
  • Taurine: essential for cats to maintain eyesight and heart health
  • Contains salmon oil: full of unsaturated fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat
  • Very tasty: natural goodness that all cats love
  • High moisture content: succulent recipe helps your cat to stay hydrated
  • Free from chemical additives, fillers or meat meal
  • Made in the UK

Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack 8 x 85g contains:

  • 2 x Classic Chicken Dinner
  • 2 x Lovely Lamb Casserole
  • 2 x Poultry Pie
  • 2 x Hunter’s Hotpot


Lovely Lamb:
Lamb (30%), chicken (20%), pork (15%), salmon oil, chelated minerals.
Hunter’s Hotpot:
Chicken (25%), game (15%), pork (15%), turkey (10%), salmon oil, chelated minerals.
Classic Chicken Dinner:
Chicken (65%), salmon oil, chelated minerals.
Poultry Pie:
Turkey (50%), duck (15%), salmon oil, chelated minerals.
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (100 IU), taurine (723mg), zinc [zinc chelate from amino acid hydrate] (14mg), manganese [manganese chelate from amono acid hydrate] (1mg), copper [copper chelate from amino acid hydrate] (0.5mg), iodine [calcium iodate anhydrous] (0.5mg)

Technological additives:
Algae (5.3mg/kg).

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Small (1 - 2kg): 65 - 110g per day
Medium (3 - 4kg): 140 - 170g per day
Large (5 - 6kg): 200 - 225g per day

Food should be served at room temperature. Always ensure your cat has a supply of fresh water. This is a guide only and will depend on your cat's activity level.


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Lily’s Kitchen Paté Selection Multipack

Latest user reviews

07/10/23 | Michaela
: 5/5

Seems to be working

Our cat has very sensitive stomach there is only few brands he is able tolerate, this one seems to be one of those . Relatively good ingredients and its pate as our fusy cat only likes pates. Good food for food rotation.
24/04/23 | Laura
: 1/5

Cat likes it, I don't

My cat seems to like this food well enough, however this food contains carageenan (listed as "algae" in the ingredients) which is linked to increased cancer risk in pets. Very disappointed this isn't outright stated on the ingredients list or I would have known to avoid it.
04/11/21 | Denisa
: 2/5


My kitten won’t eat this and by the looks of it I’m not very surprised. It has a strong smell and doesn’t look very fresh.
26/08/21 | SamanthaJH
: 5/5

My fussy cats like this most of the time!

I am happy with the ingredients (& ethics) of this food, & my cats - who can be somewhat fussy at times - generally eat it with relish. They DO go off brands from time to time, but have always 'come back' to Lilys & it's one of 3 or 4 good brands I buy for them all the time, with breaks when they're being awkward!
16/08/21 | Porsha
: 5/5

Big hit

She cleared her plate, smells nice, looks nice, full of goodness and it's healthy and at a fab price
23/12/17 | Sue king
: 5/5

Bootsie loves it

Our elderly diabetic cat loves all Lilly's kitchen and eats the whole tray.we have 3 other cats who also enjoy eating Lilly's Kitchen
14/12/17 | Robert MacGregor
: 1/5

Cats wont eat it :(

We have 2 cats who usually love their food but they just wont eat this food. I`ve tried giving them all 4 flavours and even tried mixing it with other food they like eating but its left in the dish. Such a waste!
: 4/5

Our kitties love it

The different flavours are always a hit - their fave is the lamb hot pot. Couldn't just put them as is into the dish tho. We mush and add water (for one cat who won't drink it works super well) or cut up into niblets (for other cat who prefers it this way). Their favourite of Lily's is the fish so shame it's not part of the pack!
: 2/5

Weird colour and cat doesn't like

My cat eats everything I've put in front of her and enjoys eating (cheap and expensive) and she very reluctantly ate this without any enjoyment. The poultry pie was the first time she refused to eat. She ate it eventually in 3 sessions while giving us dirty looks and snubbing us afterwards. Lily's Kitchen became a joke in our house. Compared to other brands for the same price this food is a bad buy as it looks dull grey and unappetising
18/10/17 | vicky
: 1/5

my cat dont eat it

i have bought 5 boxs but my cat dont even want to touch it
22/09/17 | angel alexander
: 2/5

Not so good

My British short hair cats are not fussy but they did not like this so much
30/07/17 | Vicky Waring
: 2/5

Paws down from my cats :-(

Both my cats turned their cute little pink noses up at all of these and even after several hours only a bit of the juice had been licked. They didn't like the texture or the consistency as it's patê like.
: 5/5


My cat loves this stuff and it smells... ah-mazing! I wish they did different boxes with fish flavours or maybe one with just all the organic flavours. Oh well, I'll repurchase again anyway.