Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g

: 4/5
Dietary wet food for cats with chronic renal failure, reduced protein and phosphorus content, urinary alkalising to reduce oxalate stone formation, gluten-free, tasty....further information
Product description
Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
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Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g

- Chicken

£7.47 / kg

Product description

Dietary wet food for cats with chronic renal failure, reduced protein and phosphorus content, urinary alkalising to reduce oxalate stone formation, gluten-free, tasty.

For cats with chronic kidney insufficiency, a balanced diet is very important. Kattovit Kidney/Renal has been specially developed to support kidney function and provides your cat with all the important nutrients. The dietary wet food is characterised by a reduced protein content, which is important to protect the kidneys. The phosphorus content is also low. 

Thanks to its delicious recipe, Kattovit Kidney/Renal is also well received by many fussy pups. The high moisture content of the diet wet food can contribute to a sufficient water intake. Added potassium citrate can also promote less acidic urine, which helps reduce oxalate stone formation.

Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) wet food at a glance:

  • Dietary complete food for cats to support kidney function in chronic renal failure and to reduce oxalate stone formation.
  • Reduced protein content: less, but very high quality proteins to relieve the kidneys, at the same time supporting muscle maintenance
  • With potassium citrate: urinary alkalising properties for less acidic urine, contributes to an environment unfavourable to the formation of oxalate crystals, low calcium & vitamin D content
  • Less phosphorus: can help slow down the progression of kidney disease
  • With valuable vital substances: provides your cat with vitamins & minerals
  • Gluten-free: suitable for cats with allergies and intolerances
  • Appetising recipe: fine pieces with chicken, high level of acceptance

Important Information:

  • Please consult your vet before feeding your pet with a veterinary diet. Your vet will be able to give further information and advice on possible treatment
  • When feeding your pet with a veterinary diet, you should take your pet to the vet for a check-up at least every 6 months
  • Should your pet's health worsen while using this product, please seek veterinary advice immediately
  • By adding this product to your shopping basket you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information.



Go to analytical constituents
Chicken (liver, muscle meat, skin) (43%), rice (cooked), pork, minerals, salmon oil, linseed oil.

Turkey (liver, muscle meat) (25%), rice (cooked), chicken skin, pork, chicken liver, minerals, salmon oil, linseed oil.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 (200 IU/kg), vitamin E (20mg/kg), zinc [zinc oxide] (5mg/kg), iodine [potassium iodate] (0.2mg/kg), manganese [manganese (II) sulphate] (2mg/kg). 

Technological additives: 
Potassium citrate (2,000mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein7.5 %
fat9.5 %
fibre0.5 %
ash1.9 %
calcium0.22 %
phosphorus0.16 %
chloride0.3 %
moisture76.5 %
potassium0.2 %
sodium0.3 %
sulphur0.13 %
vitamin D (total)300.0 IE/kg
hydroxyproline0.12 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding guidelines:
Complete dietetic food for cats.
Cat's weight Requirement per day
3kg approx. 1 (185g) can
5kg approx. 1.5 (185g) cans

Recommended feeding time:
Up to 6 months.
With acute renal failure: 2-4 weeks.
Fresh water should always be made available.

In cases of long-term feeding, we recommend consulting a vet.


Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 185g
: 4/5
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: 5/5
Subjective reviews, objective quality
I will never understand people leaving one star "because my cat doesn't like it". As we all ought to know, cats are their own quirky creatures. This is a quality product formulated to be balanced and nutritious ( and both my cats love it)
: 1/5
I stupidly bought lots of these tins because the pouches are always out of stock. My 15 year old cat refuses to touch them. The food comes in a mousse form and it has indeed a realy strong unpleasant smell, like it was rotten. Will never buy again.
28/06/23|MR. C. KINGSWELL
: 1/5
I rather foolishly bought 12 cans of this stuff as my cat was licking rather than eating the Royal Canin wet food I had been giving her. I thought maybe a mousse would be more palatable, but I was wrong. She turned her nose up at it immediately and frankly I'm not surprised. It has a very strong smell and supposedly contains chicken, but you'd never guess it. A total waste of money.
24/09/22|Carole Ashworth
: 5/5
Cat loves this canned mousse/pate variety.
My renal problem cat loves these. She also likes the kattovit renal food pouches but there always seems to be some waste with those - (consumes all the gravy but leaves most of the meat). But with this canned mouse/pate variety - no waste at all - eats the lot! So think will be getting more of these now.
29/08/22|Abi Kingston
: 2/5
Cat not keen unfortunately
This arrived in good time. I was very keen to have something in a tin, as it is more environmentally friendly. However, my cat wasn't keen and barely ate any of it.
: 1/5
Never again
I had to buy these tins as the Kattovit pouches are out of stock. It was the worst decision because I had not realised how allergic to the ingredients one of my cats is. He had been having reactions to the pouches and after eating the tins he suffered severe fur loss and extensive itching behind his ear. Removing this food from his diet seemed to relieve the allergic reaction considerably. I just thought I mention it in case someone’s cats is sensitive too.
: 4/5
Never in stock
My girl Neko loves these however I cannot seem to get my hands on them. Looking to change over to another renal brand now.
05/11/21|Cyndy Robertshaw
: 5/5
A Life Saver
My old cat has several health issues including having been diagnosed with kidney issues. Just recently he started to take a turn for the worse and I was on the point of thinking of having him pts. But one last try (and after discussing with my vet), Kattovit Renal diet . What an amazing turn around, Within a week my cat is back to his old self. Hes putting back weight and his coat looks so much better too. One happy cat and one happy owner!
19/08/21|Sally Price
: 4/5
My cat likes it
The cat likes it and is putting on weight.
: 1/5
Cat won't eat it, please bring back the pouches
The cat used to love the renal chicken flavour in the pouches, but won't touch this. Please bring the pouches back - my little gravy monster is not happy!
: 5/5
She loves it!
My gorgeous rescue of 15 was given hills and royal canine and hated it every time. Found substitutes and she adores this one!
24/06/21|James b
: 5/5
Good substitute for Royal Canin
Since the turn of 2021 it has become increasingly more difficult to purchase the Royal canin renal loaf, so I’ve been looking for substitutes and these seems to be a stand out for my 18yr old cats, they devour the food in no time, so much so, I’m thinking about changing over full time!
27/11/20|Georgina Marston
: 5/5
Brilliant my cat loves and only eats this Renal brand
Brilliant would be lost if my cat Candy had taken a dislike to this brand thankfully she loves this brand of food.
12/12/19|Terry Snow
: 1/5
Cat would not touch it total waste of money
21/08/19|Robert Stevens
: 1/5
She hates it
My cat wont go near it even though she hasnt eaten. I think it is the consistency of the food. She has renal failure kattovit in the pouches and really loves it so thats all i can think of..
24/04/18|Veronica Chapman
: 4/5
Benji adores Renal Kattovit
Benji started on Royal Canin renal diet by our Vet in November 2017. A month ago ago, he refused to eat that brand. We found Kattovit on Zooplus. He is a happy boy again enjoying the Kattovit pate style fish or chicken with gusto. It comes in tins, great for recycling. Thank you Zooplus for refunding our Royal Canin.
24/01/15|Amanda Ellison
: 5/5
My cat wouldn't eat any renal wet food. He has lost a lot of weight and he's only been eating kattovit for 4 days and I can feel he is putting weight on! His backbone isn't sticking out no more and he loves it :) brilliant
: 5/5
Ocean fish
This renal food must be extremely tasty, my cat eats it happily :)
Translated from zooplus.pl by zooplus
: 5/5
The cats love it
My cat is very picky when it comes to food, and it was a problem when he got renal failure 2.5 years ago. But after a long search we found the Pollock and Chicken varieties of Kattovit. They love it and at the last blood test their kidney values were all back within normal limits.
Translated from zooplus.de by zooplus
: 5/5
Incredible effect
My cat has kidney malformations and can therefore no longer have foods with more than 70% tuna. Replacing them was an ordeal (they refuse vet diets), but the Kattovit boxes, especially fish, are very popular.
Translated from zooplus.fr by zooplus