04/18/22 | Fotini

Never again

I had to buy these tins as the Kattovit pouches are out of stock. It was the worst decision because I had not realised how allergic to the ingredients one of my cats is. He had been having reactions to the pouches and after eating the tins he suffered severe fur loss and extensive itching behind his ear. Removing this food from his diet seemed to relieve the allergic reaction considerably. I just thought I mention it in case someone’s cats is sensitive too.

02/18/22 | Molly

Never in stock

My girl Neko loves these however I cannot seem to get my hands on them. Looking to change over to another renal brand now.

11/05/21 | Cyndy Robertshaw

A Life Saver

My old cat has several health issues including having been diagnosed with kidney issues. Just recently he started to take a turn for the worse and I was on the point of thinking of having him pts. But one last try (and after discussing with my vet), Kattovit Renal diet . What an amazing turn around, Within a week my cat is back to his old self. Hes putting back weight and his coat looks so much better too. One happy cat and one happy owner!

08/19/21 | Sally Price

My cat likes it

The cat likes it and is putting on weight.


Cat won't eat it, please bring back the pouches

The cat used to love the renal chicken flavour in the pouches, but won't touch this. Please bring the pouches back - my little gravy monster is not happy!

07/02/21 | Sophie

She loves it!

My gorgeous rescue of 15 was given hills and royal canine and hated it every time. Found substitutes and she adores this one!

06/24/21 | James b

Good substitute for Royal Canin

Since the turn of 2021 it has become increasingly more difficult to purchase the Royal canin renal loaf, so I’ve been looking for substitutes and these seems to be a stand out for my 18yr old cats, they devour the food in no time, so much so, I’m thinking about changing over full time!

11/27/20 | Georgina Marston

Brilliant my cat loves and only eats this Renal brand

Brilliant would be lost if my cat Candy had taken a dislike to this brand thankfully she loves this brand of food.

12/12/19 | Terry Snow


Cat would not touch it total waste of money

08/21/19 | Robert Stevens

She hates it

My cat wont go near it even though she hasnt eaten. I think it is the consistency of the food. She has renal failure kattovit in the pouches and really loves it so thats all i can think of..

04/24/18 | Veronica Chapman

Benji adores Renal Kattovit

Benji started on Royal Canin renal diet by our Vet in November 2017. A month ago ago, he refused to eat that brand. We found Kattovit on Zooplus. He is a happy boy again enjoying the Kattovit pate style fish or chicken with gusto. It comes in tins, great for recycling. Thank you Zooplus for refunding our Royal Canin.

01/24/15 | Amanda Ellison


My cat wouldn't eat any renal wet food. He has lost a lot of weight and he's only been eating kattovit for 4 days and I can feel he is putting weight on! His backbone isn't sticking out no more and he loves it :) brilliant

09/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.pl

Ocean fish

This renal food must be extremely tasty, my cat eats it happily :)


The cats love it

My cat is very picky when it comes to food, and it was a problem when he got renal failure 2.5 years ago. But after a long search we found the Pollock and Chicken varieties of Kattovit. They love it and at the last blood test their kidney values were all back within normal limits.

03/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Incredible effect

My cat has kidney malformations and can therefore no longer have foods with more than 70% tuna. Replacing them was an ordeal (they refuse vet diets), but the Kattovit boxes, especially fish, are very popular.


Only renal wet food my cat likes consistently

I have tried all the brands of wet renal food I could get hold of, Hills, Royal Canin, Integra, Beaphar. My cat liked them all at first only to get off them completely after a couple of weeks, so much so I had to give away the extra tins. She has been eating the Kattovit chicken flavour consistently for two months now, so it seems like this is the one. When she seems a bit bored of it I mix it up with other low-phosphorus food (Porta 21 has phosphorus as low as Hills in the chicken flavour!) and so far so good... She also seems really well health-wise in the past couple of months.


My Cats Love the Seafish!

My cats (who have CRF) consistently enjoy this cat food, especially the seafish one!

01/07/13 | Charlotte Thomas

Try this, I am so glad I did.

My 18 year old tabby started with renal problems and uraemia. She has always been a faddy eater after an awful start in life, I hand reared her and 7 siblings from a few hours old after some creep dumped them in a verge. Turns her nose up at anything but chicken and small amounts of Gourmet gold. She got to the point of only eating a couple of mouthfuls before walking away, weighed nothing wondered around yowling whilst looking for some inappropriate place to pee. Any prescription low protein food was a no no. But...guess what? Hurrah! She eats two tins of this a day,along with some chicken and has steadily put on more than a kilo in 8 weeks, no more yowling, is calmer, happier and stopped being a miserable witch with the other cats. I am thrilled, especially as I am not a fan of commercial pet food. She likes both flavours, the fishy one is not too fishy, she never liked fish but eats this as well as the chicken. Try it, as a hater of mass produced pet food I'm having to eat my words on this particular product. She will be having more blood tests next month to see how much her blood work has improved. It is such a relief to see her so happy with herself and looking so well.

04/26/12 | D Christie

Cat adores this food!

My black and white moggie has had a chronice kidney problem over the last couple of years and I have struggled to find a suitable food that she really enjoys. I only stumbled on this last month and wish I'd found it sooner as she adores it and gets very excited when I open the can. She has even put on a small amount of weight for the first time in months after losing it continuously. While it may not suit all palates I know, I am over the moon with it.

03/26/11 | Jules

Kattovit didn't do it for our cat - she prefers Integra chicken.

After 2 years of feeding our Burmese Hills k/d and Royal Canin prescription diet wet pouches, she started to get very bored of her diet so we started looking around for other things - ordered Integra chicken (wet food in square trays) and Kattovit low protein. She tried the Kattovit, ate a little of it, on one occasion, and then refused to eat anymore - in fact would avoid her food bowl completely if Kattovit was put in it, luckily she loves the Integra. I read somewhere that Integra is high in Vit A and should also be monitored in cats with renal disease. But I'm thrilled my cat is eating and enjoying her Integra food, both wet and dry, rather than starving herself.

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