Concept for Life Light – in Gravy

12 x 85g
: 4/5
Great-tasting complete wet cat food for cats which are prone to weight gain. Reduced calorie nutrition in delicious gravy, with protein to help maintain healthy muscle mass....further information
Product description
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
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Product description

Great-tasting complete wet cat food for cats which are prone to weight gain. Reduced calorie nutrition in delicious gravy, with protein to help maintain healthy muscle mass.

Concept for Life Light - in Gravy is premium quality, complete wet cat food based on the latest scientific findings and has been specifically developed to meet the needs of adult cats with a tendency to put on weight:

  • Effective weight control:
    This balanced, reduced-calorie nutritional formula with adjusted fat content and highly digestible proteins in combination with L-carnitine helps your cat to achieve its ideal body weight. If fed exclusively, the calorie intake may be reduced by 20% (compared with Concept for Life All Cats wet cat food).
  • Muscle maintenance:
    A high protein content (39%) combined with an increased vitamin mix helps to maintain muscle mass.
  • Healthy joints and mobility: Contains a special mussel extract for healthy bones and cartilage.
  • Well accepted: The appealing texture and size of the meat chunks, combined with the delicious gravy ensure it is well accepted
  • Developed together with vets
  • Contains essential taurine
  • Comes in a handy pouch: Easy to open, pre-portioned servings. Every meal is fresh, tasty and rich in nutrients.
  • No soya, sugar, taste enhancers or preservatives: for a healthy meal.
The basis of a long and active cat life is a species-appropriate, balanced nutrition. Concept for Life Light – in Gravy has been specifically formulated to provide a balanced diet for all-round care of your cat. Many adult cats have a tendency to put on weight. This can be down to a lack of exercise, getting older or simply because they are not eating the right food. Obesity in cats greatly increases the risk of chronic health problems so it is important that you help your cat maintain its ideal body weight and tackle any weight issues immediately. This could mean encouraging your pet to be more active as well as feeding an appropriate low fat and calorie food.

Concept for Life Light wet cat food targets the nutritional needs of overweight and obese cats. It provides them with everything they need for a healthy life as well promoting and general well-being.

The main ingredient in Concept for Life Light – in Gravy is carefully selected meat and top quality, functional ingredients. This creates a balanced mix of the vital nutrients which help to keep your cat healthy. It is easy to digest and very well accepted.

Concept for Life Light is a unique nutritional concept, based on scientific research. It helps your cat to enjoy a healthy cat life. It is a tasty wet food, based on the individual well-being and dietary requirements of adult cats 1+ year. Concept for Life – tailored nutrition for your pet.

Have you heard about Concept for Life dry cat food?. It includes a range of specialised nutrition and Concept for Life Light dry food is the ideal addition to Concept for Life Light – in Gravy wet food. It is available in bags of 400g, 3kg and 9kg.

Feeding a mix of wet and dry cat food allows your cat to enjoy the positive aspects of the different food forms. Cats love wet cat food as it is particularly tasty and easy to eat. It is packed with important nutrients and provides them with vital liquid which is important for a healthy urinary tract and kidneys. A single 100g pouch of wet food contains about half of your cat’s recommended daily liquid intake. Dry cat food allows your cat to graze and eat smaller portions throughout the day, which mimics its natural behaviour in the wild. Concept for Life kibble also aids dental hygiene and helps to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. It has a high concentration of nutrients and is rich in protein and fibre. Studies confirm that a combination of dry and wet foods appeals to your cat’s natural instincts and helps to keep your pet healthy.


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Concept for Life is a complete wet food for adult cats.

Meat and meat by-products, vegetable by-products (0.4% inulin, 0.2% psyllium), oils and fats (0.2% fish oil), molluscs and crustaceans (0.1% green lipped mussel powder), minerals

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives:
Vitamin D3 200 IU, Vitamin E 100mg, biotin 100mcg, taurine 100mg, manganese (as mangan (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 3mg, zinc (as zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 20mg,

Energy / 100g:
(ME FEDIAF, 2013) 0.285 MJ / 68.2 kcal

Analytical constituents

protein8.5 %
fat3.0 %
fibre1.5 %
ash2.0 %
calcium0.35 %
phosphorus0.28 %
biotine (vitamin H)100.0 mcg
moisture82.5 %
L-carnitine200.0 mg
manganese3.0 mg
omega-3 fats0.07 %
omega-6 fats0.6 %
taurine100.0 mg
zinc20.0 mg
vitamin D3200.0 IU
vitamin E (tocopherol)100.0 mg

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Food quantities given are recommendations and should be adjusted according to the individual needs in order to maintain ideal body weight.
Please make sure your pet always has fresh drinking water
Feed at room temperature


Cat’s weigh in kg: Only wet food/day Mixed with Concept for Life Light Cats dry/day
3kg 2 1 pouch + 20-25g dry food
4kg 2.5 1 pouch + 25-30g dry food
5kg 3 1 pouch + 35-40g dry food
6kg 3.5 1 pouch + 40-45g dry food



Concept for Life Light – in Gravy
: 4/5
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: 5/5
: 4/5
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: 2/5
: 1/5
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: 5/5
Only Diet Food She’ll Eat!
Our cat was borderline diabetic so told to put her on quality light food. Bought a selection of popular brands and this. This is the only one she would eat. It took a few days to transfer over but she’s been happy on it for 6 months now and is losing weight & more active. She used to eat mousse type cat food so we mush this up in its gravy & it’s great.
: 5/5
Helped the cats lose weight
We have two indoor half Maine Coons, so they are naturally pretty hefty but they loved these pouches and preferred them to the previous “premium” brand.
: 4/5
Would highly recommend
My vet recommended that one of my cats needed to lose some excess weight. After looking around we found this food and thought we would give it a go. After nearly a year on this wet food combined with the dry my cat has lost the majority of the weight. She really enjoys it and is now maintaining her new weight
: 5/5
Likes it
Pip loves this wet food! She eats it almost a bit too fast...
Translated from by zooplus
: 2/5
Leave it alone
Unfortunately, the wet food has not gone down as well as the kibble. He licks up the sauce and if he's in a good mood he might eat a single bite. Gave a box to my mother for her cat, she does eat it, but not with a lot of pleasure.
Translated from by zooplus
26/03/21|originally published in
: 5/5
Tastes good
My cat's favourite wet food
Translated from by zooplus
: 1/5
Cat didnt touch this
Should of read reviews before buying this...bought it as a change for my obese cat... she never touched it... i have 3 other cats that eat anything....only 1 of them will eat the stuff whose not overweight just gave him it so didnt go to waste..
: 5/5
Initially skeptical, but it's working a treat
I was a little bit worried after reading some of the reviews, so I bought a small bag to start with, keeping in mind that our boys are very fussy eaters. But everything went great. The portions are pretty small, so I add a little concept for life dry food but try to limit it as much as possible. I feel like they stay fuller for longer with this than with their old food. It's okay to be a skeptic, but definitely give this food a go.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
my cat (very fussy) liked it
My cat, who is diabetic and has always been very difficult with wet food (refuses pate, licks up the sauce without touching the chunks) even though she eats her dietetic kibble very well... I tried this meat in gravy because it's light and there are no carbohydrates in the recipe (which are very dangerous for diabetics). And for now she likes it and eats all the meat before going on to the dry food. Perfect.
Translated from by zooplus
11/07/20|Gemma Sandle
: 1/5
Gained weight!
My already overweight cat has been on this a week, giving her 3 pouches as recommended for her weight, and she has gained a pound! I could reduce it yes but i could also use my usual, cheaper food that she maintains on 3 pouches and reduce that instead of paying out extra and have her gain!
: 5/5
He eats very well
Since the cat put on a bit of weight I decided to try out this brand. The pouches are a good size, similar to Royal Canin, and they're packing a lot of gravy which my cat loves. I like the size of the pouch because my cat doesn't finish it in one sitting so there's a bit left for the next day. The brand seems like a good alternative to Royal Canin.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
great alternative
i switched to this from Royal Canin , was at first worried that my fussy Sushi wont touch it, but she's loving it, and licks her plate each meal time :) great value for money with this brand.
02/03/19|Susan Carroll
: 5/5
My cat has been overweight for some time. He goes every month to Fat Cat Club at our vets and we have had many months of struggling to get him satisfied with his food. We had tried all the big names spending vast amounts of money but he won't eat them for long. He has lost weight but still has a little way to go. I discovered this product by chance and he "Loves it" Now on 2nd order. It works and is much cheaper than other well known brands. Very pleased cat and his mum.