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Parrot Cages

Here you'll find large bird cages and aviaries perfect for parrots, or other larger birds such as certain types of parakeets and cockatiels.
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    1 products

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    A large aviary for canaries, finches and groups of birds, featuring 8 doors, rolling feet and removable plastic floor trays for easy cleaning. This stylish aviary offers plentiful space.

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    97.8 x 58 x 173.5 cm (L x W x H)
    RRP* £269.10 Our Price£119.99

    Parrot Cages

    Is your parrot a pretty boy?

    Give him or her the perfect home with our stunning range of parrot cages.

    Whether you're in the market for a corner parrot cage or a large parrot cage, we've got your bird covered. Literally.

    What to look for in parrot cages:

    Remember that when buying a cage for your parrot that it will be its home; it will spend most of its time inside of it, so its up to you to make sure that the parrot cage is secure, comfortable and fun to be in. Try to consider the following:

    Size: Bigger really does mean better so try and get the largest parrot cage you can so that your parrot has plenty of space to play. Also make sure that the bar spacing is suitable for your parrot breed: too small and it may get caught- too big and it might escape!

    Cage bottom: A birdcage that is easy to clean is a big plus. Some cages have removable trays at the bottom to make it a lot easier and painless.

    Play Centre: Some cages have play centres installed inside or on top and are the perfect way to keep your parrot occupied! Always keep water within reach though so that your pet stays hydrated.

    Things to consider when buying a parrot cage

    Make sure you have everything you need to keep your parrot happy.
    • Parrot Cage Accessories: From dishes and baths to swings and perches, we have everything you need to make the perfect home for your parrot.
    • Parrot Transport Cages: The days of parrot cage covers are over- why not try this handy bird carrier instead?
    • Parrot Perches: Keep your parrot fighting fit with our range of perches and climbing kit!
    • Parrot Cage Bedding and Litter: Make clean-up a little bit easier with our range of bedding and litter for your feathery friend!

    We also have a range of parrot snacks and treats, in case polly wants a cracker!

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