Wolf of Wilderness Dry Food

The ingredients of Wolf of Wilderness are inspired by the natural diet of a wolf in the wild. The high percentage of fresh meat and the grain-free recipe are enriched with wild berries, roots and wild herbs to offer your dog a balanced and species-appropriate diet that follows the natural instincts of the wolf.

Our quality promise - High quality protein through fresh meat

  • Proper food for the modern dog, geared to the natural nutritional habits of the wolf in the wild
  • Wolf of Wilderness only uses high-quality animal proteins and grain-free ingredients
  • With a high proportion of fresh, delicious meat to promote high digestibility 
  • Our Adult product ranges contain at least 40% fresh muscle meat
  • Wild and free

All dogs are part wolf, yet their nutritional needs vary:

CLASSIC - Wild and Free!

  • Grain-free recipes
  • Made with fresh chicken meat as the base ingredient
  • Enriched with meat from prey animals for a flavour-filled meal time!
  • With wild berries, roots and wild herbs
  • Made in Germany

THE TASTE OF - 3x Varieties of Fresh Meat and Potato-free

  • Grain-free and potato-free recipes - perfect for dogs with nutritional sensitivities 
  • 3 different types of fresh meat from the regional hunting grounds of the wolf
  • Minimum 40% fresh meat and fresh fish
  • Enriched with the regional wild berries, herbs and roots
  • Three delicious varieties available: Canada, Scandinavia and The Mediterranean
  • Made in Germany
Wolf of Wilderness Soft

SOFT & STRONG - Semi-moist with Sweet Potato

  • Grain-free recipes
  • Minimum 40% fresh meat
  • With a higher moisture content for more flavour and softer kibble pieces
  • With energy-rich sweet potato
  • Enriched with wild berries, herbs and roots
  • Made in Germany

ELEMENTS - Made with a Single Protein Source

  • Grain-free recipes
  • Prepared using only one source of animal protein
  • Minimum 40% fresh meat or fish
  • With Elemental Force ingredients
  • Free from chicken
  • Enriched with berries, roots and herbs
  • 4 delicious varieties to choose from
  • Made in Germany