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Neutered cats and dogs have different metabolisms, which means their nutritional needs are different, too.

Their food should provide them with all essential nutrients, without exceeding their daily calorie requirements. It should include a greater amount of fibre, helping to create a feeling of fullness as well as high-quality protein to maintain lean muscle mass.

Below you will discover our recommendations for some high-quality foods designed for this need. There is something to meet every taste and every budget. Take advantage of the 10% discount* and try them out today!


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What to look for in a Sterilised Diet:

The right diet for a sterilised cat or dog?

Limited Calories: Sterilised pets generally require fewer calories, so opt for food that's formulated with fewer calories to prevent excess weight gain.

Balanced Nutrition: Ensure the food provides a well-rounded mix of essential nutrients.

Digestibility: Look for easily digestible ingredients to minimise digestive issues.

Weight Management: Sterilised pets are often prone to weight gain, so choose food labeled as "weight management" to help them maintain a healthy weight.

Joint and Mobility Support: Ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin can aid in maintaining joint health, which might be particularly important for older sterilised pets.

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