Cat Snacks for Every Occasion

Treat them to something special! Cat snacks for every occasion

Daily dental care is important and easy for cats! With the special Smilla Toothies, you can conveniently combine dental cleaning with chewing fun. Get free Smilla Toothies in a practical resealable pouches (125g).

It's that simple:

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Cat Snacks for Every Occasion

Cat Snacks

February has never been so delicious! This month we are devoting ourselves entirely to the topic of snacks.

Snacks to relieve boredom at home or in the office, snacks to support health, for example for daily dental care, or simply because we love our four-legged friends.

Dive into the tasty world of zooplus snacks. 

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More Than Just a Snack - Using Treats Consciously

Health Support

Snacks are more than just treats for a break between meals. They can support daily dental care in a tasty way, aid digestion and benefit the health of your four-legged friend.

Brushing teeth has never been so delicious!

Source of Entertainment

Snacks don't just make long waiting times more pleasant and encourage play. They can be used in many different ways, for example to teach your dog a new command or to make its playtime more palatable.

For even more fun, you can hide the snacks in a activity board or treat ball. We have the tastiest snacks for every occasion so that your cat is never bored.

The Way to Your Cat's Heart

Snacks to pass the time and spoil your cat as it deserves!

Delectable, mouth-watering biscuits or pastes, available in all shapes and sizes! Because, as we all know, the way to your cat's heart is through its stomach!

Nils > Smilla Malt Cat PasteSmilla Malt Cat PasteTasty malt in a tube

The delicious Smilla cat paste is simply irresistible. My coat care is very important to me, but the annoying hair balls are a pain. This paste supports the passage of hair through the gastrointestinal tract. And all without extra sugar. Now all my mum has to do is squeeze the tube.

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Amun > Purizon Cat SnacksPurizon Cat SnacksSimply delicious!

Delicious grain-free snacks? They are available! The Purizon Snack Duck with fresh duck breast, fish and liver, all gently freeze-dried. This irresistible taste experience makes even my demanding gourmet heart beat faster. Duck good all good!

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