Every pet owner looks forward to buying the best quality for their loved ones! Our customers at zooplus have discovered the incredible value for money some of our selected brands offer, and word of mouth has made them the most purchased brands at zooplus across all zooplus shops in Europe in the following categories:

Most purchased dog brands at zooplus:*

Dog Brands
Wolf of WildernessGrain-Free Dry Dog FoodWolf of Wilderness
The grain-free dry food from Wolf of Wilderness is based on the original diet of the wolf in the wild. The high proportion of fresh meat, the 100% grain-free recipe, refined with wild berries and wild herbs offer your dog a balanced and species-appropriate menu that follows the wolf’s instinct. 
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Rocco Wet Dog FoodRocco
Rocco wet food is first and foremost about a high proportion of top-quality meat and offal. Gently prepared to retain the great flavour, plus vital nutrients - ideal for satisfying the needs of your meat-loving dog! With many well-accepted, needs-based and grain-free varieties ready to discover.
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RoccoDog SnacksRocco

Rocco offers a large selection of premium quality snacks with high meat content. Want to train, pamper or just keep your friend a little busy? Rest assured, there is something for every taste and occasion. Be it delicious fillet meat strips or solid dried natural snacks – your dog will be thrilled!

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Most purchased cat brands at zooplus:*

Cat Brands
PurizonGrain-Free Dry Cat FoodPurizon

Inspired by the variety of nature: 70% selected animal ingredients containing plenty of meat & fish, 30% high-quality fruits and vegetables in naturally grain-free recipes ensure a high protein content of min 42%. Instead of grain or rice it contains 30% high-quality fruits, vegetables and herbs

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TigerinoCat LitterTigerino

Tigerino litter is adapted to the needs of your cat. Regardless of whether it is high-quality clumping clay or silicate litter, this range is extremely absorbent. It inhibits bacteria and stops odours in seconds. Plus it is highly affordable, too!

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CosmaCat SnacksCosma

Cosma Snackies are a natural premium cat snack made from 100% pure meat or fish. The freeze-dried snacks are in great demand by cats because of their intense taste and aroma!

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*Based on sales of all zooplus shops in Europe. Last update: 05/12/2022.