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It's no secret that shopping with us saves you money...

But have you considered switching from your usual brand to one of our exclusive brands? Our exclusive brands offer your pet the same standard of outstanding nutrition - but for much less! From premium, grain-free nutrition, to £-saving treats, to economical cat litter, we are certain that you can find something to bring about contented purrs and wagging tails.

But saving money isn't the only benefit! You can be assured you are purchasing products that meet our strictest quality controls and are formulated to give your pet the best experience - no matter if you're trying out a new clumping litter or a tasty new snack. So give one of our exclusive brands a whirl today - you won't believe how much money you will save without sacrificing on quality!

Our Top Tips!

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Ready to switch brands and save money? We're thrilled to hear that! Here are our top tips:

  • When switching your pet onto a new food brand, the key is to introduce the new food gradually over one week. For the first few days, mix 25% of the new food with 75% of the old food. By mid-week, increase to 50% new food and 50% old food. By the end of the week, you should be mixing 75% of the new food with 25% of the old food. Just take your time to avoid any tummy troubles - easy-peasy! 
  • Follow the same series of steps with new litter - cats can be pernickety at the best of times and an abrupt change to their litter may not end well!
  • Always make sure your pet has plenty of fresh drinking water. Follow the feeding instructions and make sure you are feeding the daily recommended amount based on your pet's age, weight and activity level.
  • Want further advice? Our Customer Service Team are always happy to help!