Our Charity Partner

Charity of the Month

Every month, zooplus.co.uk teams up with a British pet charity to give you the chance to help animals that are not as fortunate as your own. At the end of the partnership, we convert your generous donations into a fantastic parcel of food and accessories for our chosen animal charity.

So how does it work?

Donating is easy, with no need for extra payments. Just save up the zooPoints that you receive with each and every purchase at zooplus.co.uk (£1 = 1 zooPoint), then log in to myzooplus and add the zooPoints you would like to donate to your shopping basket. You can donate between 10 and 250 zooPoints, with all donations making a massive difference to the lives of animals in need. Please note, you can only collect zooPoints if you are a registered customer. zooPoints can only be donated when a purchase is made.

How else can I help?

You can also support our charity partner by buying any product from our exclusive new range, “zoolove by zooplus”. For each product sold, 10% of the sale price will go directly to our current animal charity, to be spent wherever it is needed most. Find out more here.

A note from our current charity:

The Underheugh Ark

The Underheugh Ark

"We help stray dogs who come from pounds and our dogs are mostly Staffies and Bull breed dogs though we will help any breed. We have a large number of cats too and we help colonies of feral cats and kittens that we neuter and re-home. We're a foster based rescue and have many dogs and cats in foster while we do any vet treatment and then place them up for adoption. We keep all our animals local to us when they move into foster or are adopted so we know they are safe for life. We also are able to help many other animals, any small animal (rabbits, guinea pigs, degus), horses, ponies and donkeys. We have over 150 cockerels and empty sheds of commercial hens before they have to go to slaughter and we have a pond where we place unwanted/neglected terrapins too. We have a sanctuary side of the rescue where the horses, cockerels and many more animals will live for the rest of their lives. We are a volunteer rescue with no one getting a wage and all our funds are used solely to save animals."

Visit their website here.

To suggest an animal charity go to our zooplus Facebook Page