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zooplus Christmas Charity Campaign

Christmas Charity Campaign: We're donating 20 zooPoints for EVERY order made between 8th - 11th December 2023!

From the 8th to the 11th of December, every order you place will make a difference! For each purchase during this special period, zooplus will donate an extra 20 zooPoints to our charity of the month.

At the end of the month, we'll take all those donated zooPoints and transform them into a sleigh-load of pet goodies for Animal Support Angels.

It's the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer to pets in need!

But wait, there's more!

Throughout December, you have the opportunity to donate your existing zooPoints to contribute even more to this fantastic cause. Every zooPoint donated helps us reach our goal and bring joy to furry friends awaiting a little extra love this Christmas.
Animal support angels

Meet our Current Charity

Animal Support Angels is a registered independent Animal Welfare Charity in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2019, the charity is the inspiration of Amanda Broome. The Charity provides support to thousands of animals across the UK and beyond. Their community support projects range from controlling feral populations to rescuing and re homing abandoned animals.

Animal Support Angels

Animal Support Angels Mission: 'We Care'

Welfare - The advancement of animal welfare to provide food, shelter, warmth, and interaction to relieve the suffering of animals

Education - Encourage the values of kindness and compassion towards all animals

Charity - We support small independent community-based charities that directly assist thousands of animals each year

Advice - We work hard to offer you on-going advice and be there when you need some support

Re-homing - Giving unwanted pets the best chance of finding a loving, happy home

Ease Suffering - Provide transport where necessary to sick or injured animals, getting them to a place of safety with a sanctuary or veterinarian 

About our Charity of the Month scheme:

Every month, zooplus.co.uk teams up with a pet charity to give you the chance to help animals that are not as fortunate as your own. At the end of the partnership, we convert your generous donations into a fantastic parcel of food and accessories for our chosen animal charity.

So how does it work?

Donating is easy! Just save up the zooPoints that you receive with every purchase at zooplus.co.uk (£1 = 1 zooPoint), then log in to myzooplus and add the zooPoints you would like to donate to your shopping basket. You can donate between 10 and 250 zooPoints, with all donations making a massive difference to the lives of animals in need. Please note, you can only collect zooPoints if you are a registered customer and zooPoints can only be donated when a purchase is made.

To donate your zooPoints to our Charity of the Month, click below:

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