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Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

Every month, zooplus.co.uk teams up with a pet charity to give you the chance to help animals that are not as fortunate as your own. At the end of the partnership, we convert your generous donations into a fantastic parcel of food and accessories for our chosen animal charity.

So how does it work?

Donating is easy, with no need for extra payments. Just save up the zooPoints that you receive with each and every purchase at zooplus.co.uk (£1 = 1 zooPoint), then log in to myzooplus and add the zooPoints you would like to donate to your shopping basket. You can donate between 10 and 250 zooPoints, with all donations making a massive difference to the lives of animals in need. Please note, you can only collect zooPoints if you are a registered customer. zooPoints can only be donated when a purchase is made.

How else can I help?

You can also support our charity partner by buying any product from our exclusive new range, “zoolove by zooplus”. For each product sold, 10% of the sale price will go directly to our current animal charity, to be spent wherever it is needed most. Find out more here.

A note from our current charity:

Support for Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter opens its doors to abandoned, unwanted and mistreated animas in need of urgent care. Our main aims are to give shelter, medical treatment and care, and, of course, to re-home cats, dogs and ex-battery hens. The Shelter is run by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers wanting to ease the distress of animals that, through no fault of their own, are abandoned, unwanted or mistreated.

Our enclosed site has beautiful views of the Malvern Hills, and is set up with kennels for up to twenty six dogs and a cattery containing twelve pens. The staff and their team of enthusiastic volunteers ensure that all the dogs and cats are given individual attention with plenty of exercise and training as well as love and attention. 

Find out more on Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter 

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