We don’t currently offer Ava. The following alternative brands should be of interest to you

Concept for Life Veterinary DietConcept for Life Veterinary Diet
  • Range of complete wet and dry food
  • For dogs and cats
  • Dietetic foods that are carefully formulated
  • Supporting the management of various health issues
Concept for Life Veterinary Diet
Royal Canin Veterinary DietRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet
  • Nutritional solution for the management of health conditions
  • Includes dry and wet food for cats & dogs
  • Huge range of ailments supported
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
Hill's Prescription DietHill's Prescription Diet
  • Wide range of clinically proven nutritional solutions
  • Therapeutic food for skin, kidney, mobility, gastrointestinal and obesity conditions
  • Wet and dry food for dogs & cats
Hill's Prescription Diet
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary DietPurina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet
  • Nutrition with a purpose
  • Formulated using the latest advances in research and technology
  • Clinically-tried therapeutic food for dogs & cats
  • Provides your pet with a proper balance of essential nutrients
Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet