11/19/20 | Joshua

Wrong pieces.

Twice I’ve ordered this cage in as little as 3/4 days and both times it came with the wrong poles. They are clearly meant to be for the Savic Zeno 2 cage, not the 3. Makes me wonder if all the other Savic Zeno 3 cages will have been packed wrong

10/26/16 | Laura Egan

Sadly Zeno 3 fails for me!!!

Ordered from Zooplus & it arrived quickly & in great condition. First few times I cleaned, I kept trying to find a way to make it easier. The cage is fine as long as it is attached to the base BUT as soon as it is separated the cage just comes to pieces. I have tried, as the cage does give great space and is sturdy enough once all together . If you are ok just giving your bars a quick wipe and you are happy to shovel your substrate fine but I like to wash mine & this cage is a nightmare.