Excellent value cage (but flimsy so buy some zip ties too)

So this cage is very flimsy, as other reviews have said. But a few zip ties along each edge to secure things and the problem goes away. The cage itself is AMAZING. I've added lots of extra platforms and hammocks to eliminate long drops as I'm using it for a syrian hamster. She loves it! More than enough floorspace plus extra levels to play and explore. I put it together myself in 2 hours, it would've been easier with another person but no real problem doing it alone.

12/17/21 | Darren Brady

Good but parts came broken

Came on time and good size but flat packed and hard to start putting together but one the frame was up more simple Came with Brocken shelf and when I wiped the bottom tray there was millions of little shards of plastic that I would of never noticed Shelf didn’t matter as was going to take them out anyway but still faulty otherwise lots of space and easy to hand stuff across as not that wide

10/31/21 | Polly H

This is not suitable for Gerbils

Please don't advertise this cage as suitable for Gerbils. They need a deep tank with at least 8 inches to burrow. There is nowhere to burrow in this cage. Gerbils chew and should never have plastic in their housing.


amazing cage!!

was very easy to build and a lot bigger than expected, an amazing size and my two rat babies love it :) also very fast shipping

10/13/21 | Darren


Brilliant cage for our 4 rats. Plenty of room for them to run around and get there exercise. Very easy to assemble and very secure.

05/26/21 | Kbear

Great cage

Great cage for rats - really good size with good potential to work with the space and add lots of enrichment, hammocks, toys, ropes, extra baskets and levels etc. Good price here for what you get though it could be improved. It was a bit tricky to put together with one person - the sides don't stay together well until it's all assembled, did feel a bit flimsy and fragile, zip ties help but it could be more robust. OK once put together though I'd prefer it to be sturdier. Would buy another.

03/05/21 | Jessie


Gerbils LOVE to chew, and will chew the plastic base in no time - they also LOVE to burrow and need at least 7inches of bedding all the way round - which this cage doesn't provide. Hamsters can climb, but aren't good at it and can hurt themselves badly, so this tall cage isn't good for them - they also need at least 6 inches of bedding. I don't believe it is big enough for mice, but I haven't done enough research on that. The size is good for three rats though

11/20/20 | katie


the side bits to support the top and bottom of the cage came too short so now we cant use the cage and have to put the rats back in there old cage

11/19/20 | Joshua

Wrong pieces.

Twice I’ve ordered this cage in as little as 3/4 days and both times it came with the wrong poles. They are clearly meant to be for the Savic Zeno 2 cage, not the 3. Makes me wonder if all the other Savic Zeno 3 cages will have been packed wrong

10/28/20 | Tom M

Great Cage!

Very large, fairly sturdy and very good quality! I bought this for my 3 boys and it's so roomy and was so easy to build!

10/10/20 | Mark Dorling

Where's the digging space??

Totally unsuitable for Gerbils (at the least), no real digging space provided! Should be able to have at least 6" deep bedding for burrows.

07/26/20 | Laura Beswick

Good cage for the price

Completely honest review - so cage size is brilliant , yet it's not too imposing as some cages can be . Building it I feel It would have been alot easier if I had a second person to help , but even alone I managed it in about an hour . I'd suggest cable tying the 2 tiers together I've used 3 cable ties on the front and the back to make sure it's secure , and then the 4 corners where the roof attached to the main body . Overall great cage since , great size and fab space to fill it out with toys!

06/09/20 | Ellie


Much bigger in person than the pictures can show so extremely happy about this. Bit fiddly to put together so two people is probably recommended to build it, but it did go up quickly. Sturdy as it could be and plenty of room to put up hammocks and tubes. The space between the bars is why I bought this cage because they’re small enough to house ferret kits with no chance of a Houdini incident. All in all happy with the product and extremely happy with Zooplus for the quick delivery!

05/15/20 | Tan

Great cage for the price

The cage was very easy to put together. I had bought some cables ties due to other reviews and added them as i built the cage. Feels very sturdy now and can take the base off to clean easily. Yes the doors aren't huge, but still big enough to get everything in and out. Excellent value for money considering the other cages i was looking at were over twice the price. The girls love it!


Poor design - avoid

I've had this rat cage for a few months now and it's awful. The design relies on plastic joints which arrived broken. The doors are too small to reach in and clean the shelves. one of the plastic ramps broke. You have to take the whole cage off the base to clean it at which point the rickety, plastic design often falls apart. Impractical - don't waste your money.

01/25/20 | Emily

Great for price!

Really large cage, just the kind of size of wanted for my two rats. They absolutely love it, especially the height. It does feel quite unstable when you put it together but with some cable ties it works perfectly, can’t complain when it was half the price of others like it. Bit awkward to hang toys and stuff due to no top lid but that’s quite minor. Love the cage, and so do my boys :-)



Would have given 5 stars if pieces of the cage arrived not broken, however when put together it's a lovely cage, this is only for my mice and is like a giant castle for my 8 girls. Planning to have many more! Very spacious, perfect for 3 or 4 rats I'd say took me a while to assemble but overall very happy. Don't buy this from pets at home they will change you an extortionate price!!!


Let down by poor materials and design

This cage was very disappointing. The outer structure relies on little plastic corner connectors which break, the ladders also rely on little plastic hooks which also break. The doors are too small so if you are cleaning out the toilet tray you can't bring it out flat. What looked like a good value cage turned out to be nothing but a hassle.

05/20/19 | Katy

A wonderful new home for my boys

This cage in itself is very good value for money in comparison to the size. The quality is a little on the not so good side however. When my parcel arrived, one of the cage clips was partially broken and so was one of the plastic corners. It’s the not the most incredible quality, but for the price it’s very big and pretty sturdy. Just be careful when moving it or taking it apart to clean!


Nice Cage

This is a nice big cage for my two baby girls (rats). They are only 5 weeks old but they still are adventurous. My only negative comment on this is the doors are too small. It is hard to put some big objects through them but it is still possible. Besides the doors, I love this cage!