01/11/21 | Kirsty

Wooden steps

Absolutely love this item but when putting in my rat cage we noticed loads of tack nails sticking out of it. So just be careful of you by this and double check it x

05/08/20 | Gemma

Great size but poorly made

This item was a really great size to fit in my xl hamster cage but it came with a sharp nail sticking out of the leg that I need to push into the wood. It’s also not the sturdiest and even when surrounded by bedding it still feel like it could easily topple over not matter how I place the steps. The fact that the steps spin so you can arrange them to best fit your enclosure is a nice touch though and overall they’re doing the job intended and for the price they’re a great addition to my set up.

09/03/19 | Richard

A bit shoddy!

The product is ideal for my Syrian hamster to climb up to another level. However, the quality is pretty shoddy. One of the levels had a sharp staple or nail sticking out, which I’m glad I spotted before putting it in the enclosure. Also, the top level was covered in white mould which was a bit of a worry and needed cleaning off. Some other comments mention it being a bit wobbly but this can be fixed easily by tightening the screws.

10/31/18 | Georgina

Very wobbly

This spends most of its time on its side. The rabbits only have to lean on it and it falls over.

04/29/15 | Donna Coulson

Not very stable

Much bigger than in the picture but fits in my Ferplast 120 cage really well. I was impressed with it until I put it in the cage and realised it was not very stable - put some food on the top bit to encourage my two guinea pigs to climb up - one of them put one leg on it and the steps shook and the food fell on his head! Going to try to fix it to the sides of the cage in a couple of places to stabilise it. My guinea pigs are male and quite big but I thought it should have taken their weight.


Good, but dusty!

I ordered these for rats too and they're a really good size, I'm sure our lot will get hours of joy out of them! The thing which lost them marks however, was the fact that I opened the packet and loads of sawdust fell out onto my living room floor! I shook the stairs out outside and brushed them down, but I'm still going to have to give them a good wash before putting them in the cage. Rats have very sensitive respiratory systems, so they're not suitable if they're really dusty.