Hamster scared

was excited to receive this and add it to my hamsters cage, but it arrived to me partly broken. not only is it very unstable (the chains make it swinging around), but the gaps arw very big causing my hamster to be scared of it and causing him to slip through and get his leg caught. will be taking this out and throwing it away.

06/24/18 | Liga

Come broken

Come broken not that money deserves



Not safe for hamsters! Last night we found our Syrian hamster caught at the top of this with one the chains wrapped around her leg as she desperately tried to chew through the metal to release herself. We finally managed to unclip the whole thing to untangle her. The vet thinks she could be lucky as the leg does not seem to be broken, thankfully!

06/24/09 | Liz

Downright dangerous!

I got one of these for my Syrian hamster, as soon as I'd attached it to the cage I realised I'd made a mistake. There are far too many chains etc for little feet to get caught on - I took it straight out and threw it away. I don't think items like this should be sold.